Seattle Dispensary Plan May Be Scrapped

Seattle medical marijuana businesses may not be able to get local licenses after all, as a plan to offer permits could fall through due to legal issues and resistance from recreational store owners.

Mayor Ed Murray had hoped to set up a licensing system and specific rules for medical marijuana companies, which currently operate in an unregulated environment due to the lack of statewide rules on the MMJ industry.

But the mayor”s office said it will back off the plan and move in a different direction, though officials did not elaborate, according to Seattle Weekly.

State Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles has questioned whether the city even has the authority to issue licenses, as Washington’s medical marijuana law was drafted at the state level.

Also, some adult-use shops have complained that a rule allowing dispensaries within 500 feet of places where children gather, rather than the 1,000 feet recreational shops must allow, gives medical businesses an unfair advantage.

A city council committee reportedly is looking at the mayor’s plan, Seattle Weekly reported.

Still, the city may make temporary rules that would at least protect Seattle dispensaries from prosecution by local authorities.

A spokesman for the mayor said any plan will act as a patch until the state comes up with an answer for dispensary owners who are living in limbo

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3 comments on “Seattle Dispensary Plan May Be Scrapped
  1. Jahpharmer on

    IMHO, something smells of fish well beyond Pike’s Market when bonafide medical marijuana users are denied access to needed medicine over the demand for profit from recreational marijuana outlets.
    HELLO!, Californians, we can not let the same political hacks from Washington state be part of the process for building rational MMJ and RMJ regulations here in the Golden State…our policies must reflect and follow the higher morality road, not what we are seeing now in many states where MMJ and RMJ rules look more like underground sewage flows.

  2. Jason on

    I live in Colorado. I’m blown away that Washington continues to have “lawful” issues such as this. In Co, our Med patients come first. Medicinal Dispensaries provide lower prices, better weed, ADA compliancy. Rec spaces and Med spaces share the same location usually.

    I used to live in WA and I was happy to vote NO for state-control of state liqueur sales and locations. And then the state appoints the liqueur board to take over MM and RM sales? WTF WA! Liqueur and Cannabis are nothing alike when it comes to regulation, testing, cultivating, sales, packaging…

    Seems that WA voters still have very little control over their market and economy. I urge citizens there to revisit the states control of MM and RM.

    Imagine if the WA State Department of Agriculture was in charge of MM and RM? Just seems to backwards when markets like ours in CO are providing thousands of types of jobs. It’s better than OIL… It’s WEED!

  3. Jahpharmer on

    I really like you evaluation of the Washington state mess. You are right-on. I just hope as we go through the RMJ legalization process, we look to Colorado as an example of how better to do it…stay tuned!

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