Some FL localities enacting temporary MMJ business bans

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In the wake of the overwhelming success medical marijuana had at the ballot box in Florida on Election Day, some local governments are rushing to enact either bans or moratoriums on dispensaries and treatment centers before the new law can go into effect.

Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton, for example, are two markets in southern Florida that have decided to opt out of the MMJ industry, at least for now, according to the Sun Sentinel. That may change after local officials can establish their own regulations – such as zoning requirements – for MMJ entrepreneurs to navigate.

The newspaper compiled a list of local governments that have either already approved or are contemplating medical marijuana business moratoriums, including Delray Beach, the village of Golf, Pompano Beach, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and North Palm Beach.

But Florida cannabis entrepreneurs shouldn’t be discouraged: Those measures will expire, either in six months or a year, depending on the location.

Amendment 2, which legalized a broad medical cannabis industry for Florida, passed on Tuesday with a whopping 71% of the vote. The new law will go into effect in January, and then the state Department of Health will have six months to draft industry rules.