Some San Jose Dispensaries Refusing to Pay Tax

Dispensary owners in San Jose, California, are in a dispute with the city over unpaid taxes.

Five dispensaries reportedly owe more than $2 million in unpaid marijuana business taxes, according to an investigation by the local NBC News affiliate.

The actual tally could be much higher, as San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo called the figure “conservative.”

But one business owner says he doesn’t sell MMJ, rather he is part-owner of a cooperative and those giving him money for marijuana are other co-owners just paying their fair share to be a part of the collective. Because there’s no profit, he said, he shouldn’t have to pay the levy.

He and other rec shop owners also worry that paying the tax is tantamount to admitting they’re doing something unlawful thanks to the wording of the city’s law governing MMJ sales.

One owner told NBC he doesn’t fear being shuttered by the city because the mayor, who was elected by a slim majority of voters, would put his political career at risk. Another owner who’s never paid the marijuana business tax said he’s been fearful of being closed down every day since he opened five years ago.

The mayor told NBC that the city will go after cannabis businesses that aren’t compliant.

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3 comments on “Some San Jose Dispensaries Refusing to Pay Tax
  1. Jim Stamm on

    It is a wonder any of them pay after the city enacted such overly restrictive and discriminatory regulations. they want to create pot ghettos in the worst and most unaccessable parts of town. They are treating medical patients like they are criminals and that is grossly inappropriate. They also want all products to be grown and produced on site and that is unreasonable. They got these irrational regs from Melinda Haag the US district attorney for NorCal. Even US Congress members have chastized Haag for defying new federal laws not to pursue medical cannabis or providers. Pissed off patients have even started a White House petition to have her terminated.

    Pot prohibition should never have happened in the first place. The people who did it were white collar criminals and extremely racist. They pandered to racial fears. Prior to the 1930,s most Americans called pot hemp or cannabis. They introduced the word cannabis to deceive congress and the people. Nobody new marijuana was hemp. Hemp was a vital part of America before the outlawing of it.
    The real reasons behind hemps banishment were corrupt white collar criminals involved in the fossil fuel and petro chemical, paper pulp and cotton and other fiber industries seeking to eliminate competition from hemp. Some of the people involved were the king pin Andrew Mellon, Harry Anslinger, William Randolph Hearst, the DuPonts and the Rockefellers. Hemp biofuel is vastly superior to fossil fuels. It produces 80% less CO2 and 98% less sulfur pollutants than fossil fuels. It cannot reverse global warming but it certainly could have alleviated it. Its not tomlate to change. It is a renewable resource that doesnt require the raping of the earth to produce. No more oil spills polluting the ocean and land. no more fracking. Hemp biofuel do not require or produce toxic chemicals to refine. Hemp plastics are biodegradable. Hemp produces superior fibers when compared to cotton . Hemp fiber can be up to 8 ft long and are stronger than cottons 3-4 inch fibers. Hemp is naturally softer and fire, water stain and mildew resistent. Hemp pulp produces 4 times as much paper as wood pulp and it also converts 4 times the oxygen the trees. Henry Ford said it best when he said
    “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines and oil fields which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”
    Google Henry Fords hemp car to find out how versatile hemp is

  2. The Torch on

    Jim Stamm’s got it wrong. The real reasons behind hemps banishment were Progressive white collar government officials intent on growing the size and scope of Government the pharmaceutical companies and litigators. William Randolph Hearst aided the effort with yellow journalism that demanded the government take control and supported the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906. The Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906 was the first Progressive legislation and is the foundation of Obama Care. While I agree hemp can be used as a biofuel, there ain’t no way hemp will ever replace the 18.89 million barrels per day of oil consumed. If you are worried about Oil Spills encourage the Keystone pipeline. It’s a hell of a lot safer than crude moved on Warren Buffet’s trains.

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