South Dakota Tribe’s Marijuana Plans in Spotlight

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A South Dakota Native American tribe that’s planning a recreational marijuana resort may wind up causing more ripples in the water than it had intended.

The state legislature reportedly may take a look at tweaking state laws to deal with the situation, but exactly how is unclear, according to the Associated Press.

The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe is behind the push for a marijuana resort, which is scheduled to open on New Year’s Eve. Spokesmen for the tribe emphasized they want to cooperate with authorities, but that doing so shouldn’t hamper their plans.

They suggested the legislature decriminalize marijuana, or at least change ingestion laws.

But that’s unlikely, a spokeswoman for South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard told the AP, because the governor doesn’t support marijuana reforms of any kind. Rather, Daugaard is working with the state attorney general on “how best to confront this problem.”

An assistant attorney general at the hearing also said she’s unaware of plans by local law enforcement agencies to “camp” outside the borders of the tribe’s reservations in an effort to bust drivers under the influence, but that she couldn’t speak for all agencies.