Super-Potent Strain a Top Seller in WA

High-potency strains are a big hit with customers in Washington State’s new recreational market, it seems.

The Spokane-based rec shop Cinder reports that its top seller in recent days is a God’s Gift strain that boasts a THC potency level of nearly 32%.

Cinder owner Justin Peterson told a local TV station that it’s one of the strongest strains he’s ever come across. Most cannabis strains currently sold in Washington typically fall between 18% and 24% on the THC scale, he said.

, Super-Potent Strain a Top Seller in WA

With such a high level of potency, customers who buy the strain don’t have to smoke as much to get high. And at $22 a gram, it’s also priced much lower than some other high-potency options, which might help explain its popularity.

Recreational shops in Colorado and dispensaries across the country have also seen a spike in demand for cannabis with higher potency levels. But the same is true on the other end of the spectrum: many consumers and patients, particularly light users, are increasingly seeking low-potency options so they can still function.

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7 comments on “Super-Potent Strain a Top Seller in WA
  1. Lonnie Painter on

    32% is possible but doubtful. This could be the result of a lab deliberately giving out high but inaccurate results. Thats a problem we have in So. Calif one popular lab typically issues results 6 percentage points higher ( that’s why it’s popular ) than another respected lab

  2. bongstar420 on

    They are probably reporting THC as THCA. I have a strain that is 24.3% THC, but expressed as THCA it is 27.5%.

    It is about 29% total cannabinoids.

    Its total terpene content including cannaibinoids is about 34%.

  3. Brad riley on

    I’ve personally bought gods gift from cinder on Argonne. Not sure where the 32% comes from but the package say 28 ???? I do know its very strong relaxing not much aroma or coughing but an incredible creeper not worth $45 1/8 that for sure cuz ive got some rip gut chronic that makes you feel like you’ve had a few drinks kind of tipsy for less deniro ha 28% does seem ofly high YIKES

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