Surgeon General Backs MMJ

Medical cannabis professionals may have a new ally at the federal level: U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told CBS this week that “marijuana can be helpful” for some medical ailments.

“We have to use that data to drive policymaking,” Murthy said, indicating that he thinks MMJ should perhaps be more widely available in the United States than it is now.

Murthy hedged his statements, however, saying that more research is needed to accurately determine marijuana’s best uses and its limitations.

But it’s another indication of growing support in Washington DC for reforming marijuana laws.

The American Academy of Pediatrics in January urged the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II so additional research could be more easily performed (which is the smallest possible administrative step the federal government could take to permit research). More recently, President Barack Obama sent a funding bill to Congress that included language that would allow DC to move forward with recreational marijuana legalization and sales.

This kind of indirect pressure from high-profile government officials could pave the way for more marijuana-related business opportunities and research down the road.

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3 comments on “Surgeon General Backs MMJ
  1. georgia hedrick on

    Would the people in D.C. READ THE STUDIES already done on MM and see the effects MM has on Alzheimer’s patients in a positive way? CAN THE PEOPLE IN CONGRESS READ, PERIOD???? All one has to do is google two sets of words: Medical Marijuana and Alzheimer’s” and see over 85 studies done by reputable Universities and Research places. gh

  2. Kristine Harder on

    More research? Are we so English-centric that we don’t trust the plethora of research that is already out there done by other countries? Or are all the translators of studies cited at PubMed liars? Get out of American and educate yourself Dr. Murthy.

  3. Justin Smith on

    Sort of same thing happening Rivers Bill in Washington State. want to dounce the Medical Marijuana. It would only allow edibles and infused products with 3% thc content. The flowers could only have maxium of 4% thc. It would make medical be taxed at that same 25% Same over regulation. If I understood properly the growers would be required to be 30 miles from town also.

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