Poll: 74% Back Massachusetts MMJ

There’s no voter remorse in Massachusetts.

Support for medical marijuana has surged among Massachusetts residents since the state legalized MMJ last fall, according to a survey released today.

The poll found that nearly 75% of adults support legalizing medical marijuana while just 21% oppose the policy.

A similar survey conducted last year found that 63% of respondents favored the measure – which is also the percentage of voters who ended up supporting the state’s medical marijuana measure at the ballot box.

The most recent poll, conducted earlier this month by the Western New England University Polling Institute, also found that 61% of adults said they would support a dispensary in their community, with 30% saying they would oppose one.

Residents aren’t quite ready for adult-use marijuana, however. Just 41% of adults said they supported full legalization with 51% opposed.

The phone survey reached 517 adults.

Massachusetts is currently accepting license applications for medical marijuana dispensaries, with the final deadline on Nov. 21. The state will grant licenses to just 35 total dispensaries. No more than five can open in each county.