Take a Short Survey to Help Us Gather Business Data for Our 2013 Cannabis Industry Factbook

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Cannabis professionals, we need your help.

Medical Marijuana Business Daily is conducting an anonymous survey of cannabis business owners to help us gather data for our upcoming industry factbook. We want to get an idea of what your biggest startup and ongoing costs are, how much you spent to open your business and what you forecast for the coming year.

This information is confidential – no identifying information is required – and will only be used to paint a picture of the general business climate in the MMJ industry. You don’t even have to provide your email address.

Our goal is to develop a report that will give existing businesses, investors and newbies an overview of the industry and provide them with some key business, financial and market data to help drive the decisionmaking process.

If you own a dispensary, grow site, edibles/infused product company or ancillary business, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. And if you’re interested in promoting the survey via your website, blog or newsletter, please use this link. (https://mjbizdaily.com/industrysurvey/)

Thanks for your participation.

One comment on “Take a Short Survey to Help Us Gather Business Data for Our 2013 Cannabis Industry Factbook
  1. Sam Humeid on

    Like any business start up, a proper business plan is the key to success. However, no amount of planning could prepare an entrepreneur for the shifting legal and political landscapes of the medical cannabis industry. Only those dispensary operators who base their beliefs in excellent customer service and community outreach will ultimately survive. Thus far, greed based organizations looking for fast “Drug Dealer Money,” are not tolerated by law enforcment or local politicians and usually have short lived existances.

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