4% Surcharge, Sales Tax on Massachusetts MMJ Proposed

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts would be subject to a 4% surcharge on revenues under a plan introduced by a local lawmaker.

The legislator – Sen. Brian Joyce, D-Milton – is also seeking to assess the state’s standard 6.25% sales tax on transactions involving medical cannabis, edibles and other infused products.

The moves would boost the cost of medical cannabis and could limit participation in the state’s MMJ program, as patients might stick with the black market if prices are too high. Advocates plan to fight the proposal, with one local group saying that taxing “sick and suffering patients is just wrong.”

Most states with medical cannabis laws assess some type of tax on the industry, though the proposed rates in Massachusetts are somewhat higher than in other markets.

, 4% Surcharge, Sales Tax on Massachusetts MMJ ProposedLawmakers also are looking to address the state’s controversial licensing process, which could delay the opening of the state’s first dispensaries.

Joyce is seeking the creation of a three-member “cannabis commission” to handle licensing and oversight of dispensaries. Another lawmaker has proposed that the state inspector general investigate the entire licensing process.





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2 comments on “4% Surcharge, Sales Tax on Massachusetts MMJ Proposed
  1. Tony on

    High taxes will just push people to buy from the blackmarkets. Politican will see this as a mone tree and get really greedy and virtually tax themselves out of the market.

  2. victoria smith on

    It cracks me up that all these states feel they have to reinvent the mmj wheel. Controversial licensing processes, a cannabis commission – why? Colorado is a model that works. Why don’t they just come here, see how we’ve done it, and copy? All of this stuff – special commissions, place it under the control of liquor boards, limit the number, let’s do s study – to me it all speaks of reefer madness Helen Lovejoyism. If you are in a state that is dragging its feet on legalizing, please know that it does not have to be this way. Your right to use a plant should not be subjected to all of this bureaucratic silliness.

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