Helping Marijuana Consumers Find Love

Want to meet someone with whom you can share your life, and your marijuana? There’s an app for that.

In another example of the many, many ancillary business impacts of the growing legal cannabis industry, entrepreneur Todd Mitchem has developed an app called `HighThere’ that connects cannabis consumers looking for love, describing it is a Facebook or Tinder for marijuana users.

While marijuana sales are now legal in two states and pending in other locations, not everybody is a consumer or even open to the idea. That can make meeting those who consume or accept cannabis difficult, Mitchem told CBS News.

The app, among the hundreds that are available to cannabis consumers as more businesses find ways to break into the nascent marijuana industry, allows people to say whether they’re an active user or if they’re energetic or passive, things that are good to know about a potential mate, one HighThere user said.

HighThere employee and customer Megan Paige told CBS that being a cannabis consumer can be tricky when dating, because she’s never sure if the person she’s meeting is accepting.

“You can’t necessarily light up next to someone who doesn’t approve of it, you know, it makes it a little bit harder,” she said.