Tennessee state senator offers bill to legalize medical marijuana

A Tennessee state senator has reintroduced legislation to legalize the use, cultivation and sale of medical cannabis in the state.

The bill would lay the legal groundwork to regulate the licensing of cultivators to grow, produce, distribute, transport, sell and acquire marijuana for medical use and scientific research, Nashville TV station WKRN reported.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the legislation, offered by Republican state Sen. Janice Bowling, would rely on vertically integrated medical marijuana businesses to operate in Tennessee.

A measure died in the state Legislature in 2019 that would have legalized medical marijuana in the form of vapes and edibles but not joints.

According to polling, Tennesseans are becoming increasingly receptive to medical marijuana. A poll conducted in 2018 by Middle Tennessee State University found that 81% of Tennessee residents supported the idea.

More details are available here.

One comment on “Tennessee state senator offers bill to legalize medical marijuana
  1. Oliver warders on

    This is a great step towards full legalization of weed in the state and can easily be mirrored as a full move towards completely legalizing the harmless plant.


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