Third Michigan Marijuana Measure Clears Initial Hurdle

Michigan election officials have approved the language of a third ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan must now gather 315,000 legitimate petition signatures to get its ballot initiative in front of voters next November.

While the competing measures suggest strong interest in recreational marijuana legalization – with polls showing solid support – there are also concerns that having more than one measure on the ballot could undermine the effort by splitting the pro-legalization vote.

The proposal from Abrogate Prohibition Michigan is the least restrictive of the three measures. It wouldn’t assess taxes on cannabis cultivation, consumption or delivery. It would also allow for edibles, extracts and other forms of non-smokable marijuana.

There are already two other legalization measures in the signature-gathering phase, one from the Michigan Cannabis Coalition and another from the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee.

The cannabis coalition’s measure would force the state legislature to create marijuana regulations, while the reform committee’s measure would leave that task up to local governments. The coalition would allow home growers to have two plants, while the committee would permit growers to have twelve plants.

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7 comments on “Third Michigan Marijuana Measure Clears Initial Hurdle
    • William Dwyer on

      Abrogate is the only cannabis petition in Michigan that isn’t funded by the 1%. The other proposals want cannabis consumers to pay the same prohibition prices and keep lawyers in business. It’s time to recognize cannabis prohibition was built on lies and racist propaganda to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, pulp paper, and textile industries. Since the success of the fascist conspiracy to outlaw hemp, more industrial expansion has been built on the morally corrupt enforcement of victimless crimes. Complete and utter destruction of cannabis prohibition is what we seek. Anything else is unacceptable.

    • patricia webber on

      Legalization is still prohibition, with limits, taxes and restrictions. Abrogate Prohibition Michigan,is true plant freedom.

  1. Timothy Locke on

    Hello. Timothy Locke, Founder and Treasurer of Abrogate Prohibition Michigan. I would very much enjoy to do a personal interview with you.
    I can be reached at the BQC email here [email protected]
    Or you can find me on my personal website noted above,
    The proposed amendment to the state Constitution would do far more than what was listed. I would love to speak with you about the full and vastly more beneficial effect that fully repealing prohibition on cannabis would have on the economy of the entire state.
    Let us be honest, baby steps, especially those less than previous steps, lead only to a niche market regarding the least beneficial aspects of everything that is the cannabis plant. And does nothing more than Prohibition 2.51, at the behest of Government Taxation and continued harsh penalties for the use of a non-toxic, non-harmful, non-habit forming plant.
    The only sane thing to do is fully end the insanity just as Jack Cole, Co-Founder of L.E.A.P. has said since the Beginning of the organization.
    Just as Jack Herer has said since the early 70s.
    Just as Rick Simpson says today.
    We can pick the can up and go home…
    Or we can put this heavy burden upon the back of our own children, as it was so lovingly placed upon ours just 40 yrs ago….
    Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Because Michigan Legislation Creates More Criminals.

    Timothy Locke – Founder and Director at Abrogate Prohibition Michigan

  2. Dana on

    Abrogate Prohibition Michigan is viable as well. It is the only one that takes us back to pre 1937 levels. You know, before the lies.

  3. patricia webber on

    Abrogate Prohibition Michigan:
    The Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Amendment

    A proposal to amend the State Constitution regarding the prohibition of the use of Cannabis.

    This proposal would add a new Section 28 to Article 1 of the State Constitution to read as follows:
    Section 28.
    (1) The agricultural, personal, recreational, medicinal, commercial and industrial use of cannabis in any form by any person shall be a lawful activity.
    (a) Cannabis use by any person who is? the ward of an adult, enrolled in K*12 school, a minor, shall be lawful activity requiring only parental or legal
    guardian authorization.

    (2) All prohibitions on the use of cannabis in any form by any person is hereby null and void, and henceforth abrogated.

    (3) “Use of Cannabis” shall include:
    (a) The growing, manufacture, delivery, purchase, consumption, and transport, of any seed, flower, leaf, mixture, derivative, extract, product, and or
    preparation of the cannabis plant for all personal, recreational, medicinal, commercial and industrial purposes.

    (4) No excise tax, no fines, no regulation to diminish use, shall be levied or allowed for use of Cannabis.

    (5) Severability: If any section, subsection or part of this amendment is for any reason held to be invalid or unconstitutional, the remaining sections,
    subsections or parts of those sections shall not be affected but will remain in full force and effect.

  4. Sue Bond on

    I believe that all judicial and legislature should leave the sick, ill and dieing out of any program. When the time comes, I will tell you which one of these measures is not the worse out of the three. Anything short of “total” freedom to own this plant is a bad measure.

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