Trump Report

How could Trump’s presidency impact America’s $5 billion cannabis industry – and how should company owners as well as investors brace for impact? Find out from MJBizDaily’s timely, new Executive Report.

On the plus side, Trump is generally pro-business and pro-states’ rights. On the minus side, several of his initial cabinet members – including the nominated U.S. attorney general – are on record as being vehemently opposed to the marijuana industry.

That’s why 53% of recently surveyed MJ company executives have changed their business plans or are considering doing so for 2017 and beyond. Some are bullishly investing in heavy growth. Others are cautiously scaling back.

Which direction should your company – or investment – go in?

MJBizDaily’s Executive Report Gives You Five Real-World Scenarios to Base Decisions On

Download your copy of MJBizDaily’s Executive Report instantly now for five realistic scenarios. Each scenario includes a projected financial data chart, legal and legislative considerations, and an impact timeframe. Plus, you’ll see how each scenario could play out depending on the level of aggressiveness the administration puts behind its moves.

For example, you’ll learn what could happen if Trump actively backs the industry and supports a new banking bill… or if instead he allows the Department of Justice to start spearheading raids of state-legal facilities with the intention of causing state-wide shutdowns.

Scenario 1. Trump’s Team Cracks Down on Both MMJ and Recreational

Scenario 2. The Administration Looks to Shut Down Recreational, Leaving Medical Untouched

Scenario 3. Existing States Remain Untouched But New States Are Targeted

Scenario 4. Status Quo Remains Untouched – MJ Industry Continues as It Has Been

Scenario 5. Trump Openly Supports a Booming MJ Industry

Unlike doomsday predictors looking for ratings sweeps, this level-headed Report has been created by the most experienced business analysts in the industry – MJBizDaily. Plus, you’ll see additional input from more than a dozen legal and business experts. In every scenario, you will find expert analysis and a realistic timeframe for impacts.

Political processes rarely run smoothly, but your business needs to. That’s why MJBizDaily put together this Executive Report for you: so you can take action to avoid problems – or to capitalize on opportunities.

Bonus: 10 MJ Industry Leaders, Investors & Politicians Reveal Insights

What are industry insiders telling their own teams about the Trump transition? This bonus section features 10 Q&As on expectations for the industry under the Trump administration and how MJ businesses and investors can brace for the impact:

  1. Avis Bulbulyan, CEO, Siva Enterprises
  2. Bob Carp, attorney, Carp Law Group
  3. Steve DeAngelo, executive director, Harborside
  4. Andrew Freedman, director of marijuana coordination, State of Colorado
  5. Emily Paxhia, managing director, Poseidon Asset Management Group
  6. Bill Piper, senior director of national affairs, Drug Policy Alliance
  7. An-Chi Tsou, principal, Tsou Consulting
  8. Henry Wykowski, attorney, Wykowski & Associates
  9. U.S. Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nevada
  10. U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon

Time is Short – Download Your Personal Copy Instantly

The Trump administration takes office on Friday, Jan. 20. It could begin issuing orders and announcements that will greatly impact the MJ industry as soon as that weekend. Already, cannabis-related company valuations have been affected by the incoming presidency.

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