Two rec legalization measures possible on Maine ballot for 2016

Legalize Maine, an advocacy organization for legalized recreational cannabis in the northeastern state, announced a plan to have its own referendum on the 2016 ballot, joining the Marijuana Policy Project in seeking to put the issue to a vote.

The group said its goal is not to step on MPP’s toes, but feels if there are competing measures on the ballot, theirs will win, according to a report by television station WCSH in Augusta.

David Boyers of the Marijuana Policy Project said having just one referendum would be preferable. If two are available, however, MPP hopes voters will choose the one that “will make marijuana legal and stop punishing adults for using a substance safer than alcohol,” he said.

Catherine Lewis, the director of education for the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, said she’s concerned that if recreational use is legalized, medical patients will be unable to access their medicine.

In Washington State, for example, “they started trying to push people into the mainstream legalize market for tax purposes and it has made it so that some patients can’t access their medicine at all, and we can’t allow that here in Maine,” Lewis told the television station.