Report: 4/20 Marijuana Sales in U.S. Hit $38M

Marijuana retailers in the United States rang up more than $37.5 million in sales on the April 20 cannabis holiday, a nearly 30% increase from a year earlier, according to a study by MJ Freeway, the Denver seed-to-sale tracking software provider.

MJ Freeway analyzed cannabis retail sales figures from what it said represented 40% of the U.S. marijuana market, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

MJ Freeway also found that individual medical and recreational storefronts as well as delivery services sold, on average, $10,822 in retail sales on April 20, $6,208 on April 19, and $5,442 on April 18.

The company said that while consumer traffic increased in 2016, consumers spent on average $20 less per transaction this April 20 versus last April 20.

California was the state with the largest total dollar amount of cannabis sold on April 20. But Colorado took the crown for the total highest average sales per day per licensed retail location, the study found.

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One comment on “Report: 4/20 Marijuana Sales in U.S. Hit $38M
  1. Cactus Bill on

    And most of those MJ sales were diverted away from non-legal supply sources, including the Cartels.
    TAX revenue flowed to the states and cities from a product that had previously been driven underground by misinformed anti-pot zealots. What’s not to like?


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