3 Federal Marijuana-Related Bills Advance, 1 Stalls

The marijuana industry gained some traction in the nation’s capital on Wednesday, yet another indication that attitudes about cannabis are changing in Washington DC.

The U.S. House of Representatives backed three marijuana-related bills – including one that aims to provide new protections for state medical cannabis laws – though it also shot down a measure tied to recreational cannabis programs.

The House voted 242-186 to approve a bipartisan bill by California Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Sam Farr that would protect state MMJ laws from federal intervention. The lower chamber also approved a bill protecting state statutes legalizing industrial hemp and a third bill protecting CBD laws in states.

The three bills still need Senate approval and the signature of President Barack Obama before they become law.

A fourth measure that would prohibit federal agencies from intervening in states that have legalized recreational cannabis failed by just 16 votes, with a final tally of 206-222.

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3 comments on “3 Federal Marijuana-Related Bills Advance, 1 Stalls
  1. Al Busa on

    Despite all the new laws that will pass soon isn’t whats reverent to the cause. What I find funny is the the despencery is to operate as a non-profit organization and yet the IRS what taxes from them. That’s unconstitutional, and the IRS is part of the federal services provided in the U.S. Can any one say “Treason” against the people of which is protected by the constitution and the bill of rights. I have already decided to file suit against the FBI for not only allowing taxation to take place and taking part in this violation of the law.

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