Research Firm Names Top U.S. Cannabis Vendors

London-based Technavio, a market research firm, has issued a report listing what it considers to be the top seven American marijuana vendors.

The report focuses on four markets: Arizona, California, Colorado and Washington State, as opposed to all 23 states across the country, to get a sampling of the larger market. The firms named are “the top seven leading vendors,” and the report includes 16 additional companies that are “expected to impact the market” between now and 2019, according to a press release.

The seven companies are:
  • American Cannabis, a business consulting firm
  • Greengro, which specializes in cultivation systems
  • mCig, a vaporizer producer
  • Medical Marijuana, an investment holding company with an extensive portfolio of brands
  • Mentor Capital, a private equity firm
  • Terra Tech, a hydroponic equipment dealer
  • United Cannabis, a consulting firm that works in about every aspect of the industry

All but American Cannabis are based in California.

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8 comments on “Research Firm Names Top U.S. Cannabis Vendors
  1. What a joke on

    What a complete joke of a report!!!! Totally clueless. There’s only one company of the seven that’s actually selling cannabis (concentrates). And at least 3 of the seven are total f*ck ups.

    Please do your own DD.

  2. Brett Roper on

    Interesting that a UK based firm would recommend companies whose balance sheets as well as income statements would seem to scream out proceed at your own risk! … most relying heavily on continual investment in their companies stock via private placement or S1 offerings that for the most part will eventually anchor the stocks trading value once cleared for trading to those values (plus return expectations) that are mostly lower than where the stock is currently trading … and since I am unwilling to pay for the research report which was created in November of 2015 I will not be able to see the underpinning disclosures for how it was founded which I would suspect involved compensation at some level for the analytics provided. It was interesting that when I went to the reports website and look at the content of the report, I found another report at the same page titled “Global Sex Toys Market 2016-2020” which I thought absolutely hilarious! It (cannabis) is after all a nascent marketplace and upon review of the stocks yesterday all seemed to benefit as the result of MJ Businesses report yesterday or some sort of combination of IR/PR that was in play … Kudos for the MJBusinesses market coverage and subscriber base as anyone else doing what they (MJB) may have done for these companies though their report would have generated substantial financial rewards for their efforts … it is clear to me that MJBusiness has established a robust subscriber base and continues to show their superiority in the generation of relevant non-biased content as well as reporting, having an impactive presence in the Cannabusiness space … BTW, MDCL (OTC Symbol) is excited to be a Platinum supporter of the upcoming Orlando and Las Vegas events and is also pleased to have been a part of many past MJBusiness events.

  3. Iggy Thompson on

    Pinnacle Consultation should have been in the running for best cannabusiness consulting. It’s in Colorado, epi-center of the cannabis revolution.

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