US House Follows Senate, Introduces Bill to Reclassify MJ as Schedule II

Cannabis businesses would be less likely to face federal government intervention and have better access to banking as a bipartisan bill introduced Tuesday in the House of Representatives would reclassify marijuana, recognizing that it has some medical value.

Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen and Republican Don Young of Alaska want to reclassify cannabis as a schedule II drug from its current classification of a Schedule I narcotic, which according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, has no medicinal uses.

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators earlier this month introduced a similar bill.

The goal, the representatives say, is to bring relief to patients suffering from certain illnesses such as epilepsy, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. As several states have legalized marijuana for various medical uses, the anecdotal evidence has continued to grow that the drug can have positive effects on a variety of ailments.

Cohen said the fact that treatments aren’t available to patients in the 27 states that don’t allow medical marijuana is “cruel and heartless.” Young said in a press release that cannabis legalization is a state’s rights issue that shouldn’t be regulated by the federal government.

Some industry experts have said rescheduling marijuana to a schedule II drug would help with banking and keep federal agents from interfering with businesses that are legal in certain states. Others, however, feel the rescheduling debate is a distraction that would do little to help pro-legalization efforts.

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7 comments on “US House Follows Senate, Introduces Bill to Reclassify MJ as Schedule II
  1. Darwin Millard on

    Rescheduling cannabis as a schedule II substance will end the MMJ and recreational cannabis markets as we know them. Making cannabis schedule II would make only “approved drugs” available to patients; requiring these products to undergo years of clinical trails before approval and subsequent release on to the open market. Consequently, patients dependant on cannabinoid therapies for survival will be denied life saving treatment options. Please call your congressman and tell them to reject the CARES Act or amend it to remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act completely.

  2. Megan on

    In order to help with banking issues – and most of the other issues in this industry at the moment – cannabis will need to be rescheduled to a schedule III drug. Moving it to a schedule II does pretty much nothing. Petition for schedule III, people!

  3. Jerry Cook on

    Sched 2 with meth & cocaine is ridiculous. Big pharma has its synthetic & spray products at 3. 2 will still give big pharma control over sales. The natural plant should be removed from the CSA, period, & out of big pharma & cartel control.

  4. Jahpharmer on

    No to Schedle II, or III, or any other “schedule.”

    Remove cannabis completely from Federal Law, period! Let each state then freely move forward, or backwards!, to open-up, or not open-up, cannabis access to its citizens.

  5. steve on

    I agree, remove it from any classification of drugs. It is actually a God, or Mother Nature given plant that is an herb. Plain & simple, it should be regulated just like parsley, oregano, cilantro, etc. I don’t even think the state govt. should have much control over it, just make it a common herb crop,, treat it just like it is, nothing more, nothing less!

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