Utah State Senator Joins MMJ Payment Company

Utah State Senator Curt Bramble may not support medical marijuana in his home state, but he is lending his expertise to the industry.

The Republican has teamed up with the Las Vegas-based payment processing company Medical Cannabis Solutions as chairman of the company’s advisory board. It’s an unpaid position; however Bramble said he may receive future stock options in the company for his work.

Bramble said he will not lobby on behalf of the company’s interests. He has previously voiced his opposition to legalizing medical marijuana in Utah.

But Bramble will bring his background as an accountant and his knowledge of the country’s political machinery into one of the most challenging segments of the marijuana industry.

He is currently the chairman of Utah’s Senate Business and Labor Committee, and a standing member of the state’s Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee.

Whether Bramble’s experience within the medical marijuana industry changes his stance on legalization is yet to be seen.

The CEO of Medical Cannabis Solutions, Jeremy Roberts, is a political ally of Bramble’s, and is the former Utah County Republican Party secretary.

Roberts said he hopes to provide “end-to-end management” for medical dispensaries, which includes seed-to-sale tracking, prescription verification, payment processing and tax remittance.

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  1. Windy City on

    …The industry indeed needs business professionals the same as any industry does. It is a welcome relief to see that the opportunities of industrial hemp and medical and recreational marijuana are at long last being taken on a serious note for the economic and physical health of the individual and nation.

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