California-headquartered company Vaporfly announces the opening of opportunities for cooperation with cannabis businesses. It offers access to the leaders in the production of cannabis vapes and accessories throughout China. Clients will be able to receive wholesale, customization, quality control, device testing, and delivery services. Shipping issues are most sensitive in the USA due to the recent changes and restrictions.

, Vaporfly opens up opportunities for cannabis vape businesses

The pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of human life in the world. High demand for certain product categories impacted the supply chains. The same thing happened in the vaping industry. Many vape companies experienced a sales boom during the pandemic as many new consumers entered the market. The vaping industry, like all others, was not ready for a large increase of customers and therefore businesses began to quickly look for a solution to their supply chain issues.

, Vaporfly opens up opportunities for cannabis vape businesses

In the coming days, the catalog of devices and accessories will be updated and customers will be able to consider new offers. Right now on the Vaporfly website, you can order wholesale devices and packaging in bulk. Those, who have just started and have not yet understood the market in their location will be able to order a research and receive recommendations from the Vaporfly team.

Regarding the website, a new customization feature has appeared there recently. On the site, customers can find pods that can be customized by uploading a company’s logo and placing it on a device where it will fit best. After that, all ordered devices will have the company’s logo in the place where the customer placed it.

Together with marketing research and customization services, Vaporfly opens up opportunities for product testing in partner laboratories. Here is the list of tests that will be available for customers for more information visit

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