Vermont legalization group unveils TV ad

A marijuana legalization group in Vermont has unveiled a television ad featuring a white-bearded, bow-tied former state attorney general who laments the pitfalls of prohibition and urges marijuana legalization.

The ad, “Time to End Prohibition (Again),” begins airing Tuesday, and will appear on WCAX, a local channel, as well as affiliates of CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC. It was produced by the Marijuana Policy Project on behalf of the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana.

In the 30-second spot, former Vermont Attorney General Kimberly Cheney, a Republican who served from 1973-75, compares the ban on marijuana to alcohol prohibition, and urges viewers to tell their state senators to support marijuana legalization. The ad features images from the Prohibition era and statistics showing that a majority of voters in Vermont, where medical marijuana is already legal, support adult use marijuana legalization.

The Vermont Legislature will likely consider two legalization bills this session. Since the state does not have a way for citizens to petition initiatives onto the ballot, the only way for marijuana to be legalized is by state lawmakers. That means advocates need to keep pressuring officials to act.

House Speaker Shap Smith, who supports legalization, said recently he believes the legislature will not pass a legalization measure this session, although marijuana will become legal in the future, according to Vermont Business Magazine. Legalization supporters want to act this session before the terms of the current legislature and Gov. Peter Shumlin, who favors legalization, expire next year.

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2 comments on “Vermont legalization group unveils TV ad
  1. John Verkitus on


    A TV Ad is PERFECT! Its about time for it, cigarette companies and liqueur companies have been adverting there products for years..

    It’s time the TV watching Public See’s the proof on TV, spoken by a True Former Attorney General (and a Senior Citizen!) Who is telling the truth!

    Time to Pull our Heads Out of the Sand! Time to Wake up,, and I think we FINALLY Are !

    BRAVO X10 🙂


    • George Kucewicz on

      The technical problem for TV ads in Vermont is : because of the topography and shape of Vermont there are several TV broadcast markets in Vermont -and at least two of the areas are from out of state stations -( and Montreal ,Quebec ,Canada ) Albany NY – Springfield Mass and cable is not available in many parts of the state – so doing TV media buys in Vermont (if you want full state coverage ) is a very expensive proposition for a state with a total population of 630,000 the mentioned TV ad was probably run on a Burlington Vermont TV station – which has been traditionally hostile to the Vermont Progressive Party who has led the Vermont electoral legalization movement for more than the past decade -VPP supports a much less restrictive bill – than the monopolist corporate friendly MPP Bill

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