Video Game Teaches Cannabis Cultivation Business Basics

The marijuana business is moving to the computer screen.

A new video game called Growism allows players to simulate many aspects of cultivating medical marijuana indoors, from dealing with environmental factors and sharing strains to developing optimal growing conditions and testing for potency.

Dubbed a “medical marijuana indie video game,” Growism incorporates real-world business considerations, letting users sell their products to virtual patients and state-licensed dispensaries. The game tracks expenses, revenue and income and lets players take out loans (with interest charges, of course) for their budding business.

Players can also make and sell hash and edibles in the game.

An online demo is currently available and the full version will be released soon. The game can be played on computers, not consoles like the PlayStation.

Growism includes many details of selecting a seed or clone and nurturing it into a “flowering giant,” with success determined by food type, feeding schedule, light intensity, temperature and humidity, and more factors, according to an official description.

Different plants also require different cultivation methods. Warmer temperatures, high humidity and lower light levels might be required for one type of plant, while another might thrive in different conditions.

The game is somewhat rudimentary. You won’t find much in the way of graphics. But it could help novice growers and those hoping to open a cultivation site get a basic understanding of the business.