WA May Allow Limited Home MJ Delivery in Seattle

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A bill introduced at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia would allow a select few retailers to legally deliver recreational cannabis to customers.

As introduced earlier this month, the bill would create a pilot program and permit just five licensed rec shops to offer home delivery, according to KIRO 7 News. The bill would also establish requirements for employee training, delivery requirements and other regulations.

The bill, along with a recently announced crackdown on delivery services by Seattle officials, are both attempts to combat the black market, which is still thriving despite Washington State’s status as one of just three markets where adult use cannabis sales are legal (alongside Colorado and Oregon).

There are currently only 19 legal rec shops in the city, but an estimated 24 delivery services in operation, KIRO 7 reported.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has taken the position that regulating delivery services “will better protect customers, patients and business owners, while strengthening the legal marijuana industry,” KIRO 7 reported.