WA School District Rejects Marijuana Grower’s $14K Donation

Education officials in Prosser, Washington, have turned down a $14,000 donation from a local marijuana farmer, highlighting the challenges cannabis businesses still face when trying to ingrain themselves in their communities.

Grower Randy Williams previously promised to donate proceeds of a first-of-its-kind marijuana auction to the local school district.

But school officials declined the money, saying they want to take a stand against youth marijuana use, according to the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Williams now plans to give the money to the Boys & Girls Club, whose officials said they’d discuss whether to take the money, the newspaper reported. If not, Williams said he’d target Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Ray Tolcacher, the school district’s superintendent, has been one of Prosser’s staunchest opponents of recreational marijuana and has spoken out against the city’s decision to give a permit to a retail outlet in town, according to the Herald-Republic.

“We’re not taking (the money); end of story,” Tolcacher said.

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18 comments on “WA School District Rejects Marijuana Grower’s $14K Donation
  1. Mr. Karl B. Hensel on

    Are you kidding me. You will not prevent teenage usage. I would rather them get high on marijuana then drinking or getting pills from your medicine cabinets.

    Narrow minds in education. That is why our education system is ranked 38th in the world behind impoverished countries.
    Great job educators!

  2. Don Haslett on

    So the people of Washington voted in favor of marijuana and the people of Washington pay for the School Budget with their tax dollars. Does a school system even have the legal right to turn down money that may prevent tax increases due to a rising school budget? Seems to me like the citizens who voted in favor of marijuana and also fund the school system must be very unhappy that the money is being rejected.

  3. Clifton Middleton on

    The disgrace of a school board that insists on teaching lies, even in the face of evidence of irrefutable benefits and thousands of citizens who have told the old foot daggers the truth.

  4. Scott Lucero on

    The Smart thing for Mr. Tolcacher to do would be to accept the 14K and use the funds in there entirety to develop an MMJ Educational Program and teach responsibility and understanding rather than ignorance and ultimately hurting his school and his Student body.

  5. Steven North on

    Ray Tolcacher will be the first one in line with his hand out begging the State of Washington for money. Pot money is ok if the state collects it.
    The generous donation from Williams bypasses the percentage going to the unions.

  6. Tyrus on

    Would like to see the school district’s current policy/guidelines on drug prevention that’s taught to the students. With the change of cannabis laws on Washington, have the directives been updated what is being taught to students? Doubt it! Do they even have written guidlines to
    address youth cannabis smoking? As I see it the school district can never raise taxes again. Also time for the majority to speak out and get rid of antiquated ways of doing business.

  7. BHT on

    Other farmers will gladly take the money. Check out Slow Money by Woody Tasch. There are thousands of small farmers who need help getting going. Not just growing medical marijuana or hemp but any quality product that nourishes a human being.

  8. Cary Randow on

    I know of an effort to start up a Boys and Girls club in Kennewick, Washington. They are raising funds to build a building. Talk w/them. 360-280-7002.

  9. Silverado on

    He won’t take that money BUT I’m betting he has no such compunction on asking the local taxpayers for even more of their money than the farmer is offering. How do you spell HYPOCRITE – of the worst kind??

  10. BigPoppaJumbo on

    This is your typical stupid WA conservative who only thinks in terms of his narrow beliefs. A school turning down money? He should be SO fired! But no..

  11. Otis Blanchard on

    I’m anti-prohibition, but I’d decline the money in a different way than the principal. So, everyone is going to be upset with me. I’d treat it like accepting a donation from Budweiser or Marlboro. “While they are legitimate businesses, it would not be appropriate to accept money from companies which shouldn’t be targeting underage consumers according to state law. Our students are below the legal age to consume, and the money should be spent in the community where it can do the greatest good, such as the local community college’s adult ged program (etc).” The principal is using his position to do personal politicking, and it in unprofessional. Their are legitimate reasons to turn down (direct) money from vice industries when underage consumers by state law are involved.

  12. jo on

    its really funny how we have kids falling out of their chairs high on morphine bars ,hydrocodone etc ,and teachers purses are full of scripts ,, but the school district turns down funds from a legal auction .hypocrisy at it finest,

  13. Lyle Courtsal on

    Washington State has many people who are kind of conservatives in liberal clothes. They get emotional about their children and are not rational about the science because it hasn’t reached them via the big propaganda media outlets. They’re NIMBY’s and that is because though they think they are “liberals”, they are still indoctrinated authoritarian and also there is a lot of university level research that is going out through the schools, that is total crap methodologically. There is no long term subcultural experience allowed in mainstream media/cultural circles and that is a big problem. There are a lot of “moratoriums” on grows and sales here, but we got 25 grows through. It is this kind of backlash that also might have meant that Colorado sales and tax revenues were not as high as they could have been. Try and remember everyone is important including those in prison. Now it is time for a media education campaign, combined with legal support funds for those who are running into resistance and crap from the neighbors. Lyle Courtsal,

  14. Lyle Courtsal on ran a really good study on how it was that teen suicide rates were lower in medical marijuana states. They are trying to blame marijuana for the socioeconomic consequences of the budget cuts and the failure of the schools to educate deeply and properly. This has always been the pattern of both social and academic scapegoating that I have seen on this issue; that somehow joanna’s learning disability is due to her pot use when actually it is due to an abusive parent or living homeless and not eating right or enough; big problems in the US today. There are 2.7 million homeless children in the US; cannabis helps them to survive the daily traumas out there. See and Lester Grinspoons book, Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine. Lyle Courtsal spread this.

  15. Erika on

    Wow! Now for sure my kid will never be a student there! Wow! What a shame, so because of one persons ignorance an entire school has to suffer…

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