WA School District Rejects Marijuana Grower’s $14K Donation

Education officials in Prosser, Washington, have turned down a $14,000 donation from a local marijuana farmer, highlighting the challenges cannabis businesses still face when trying to ingrain themselves in their communities.

Grower Randy Williams previously promised to donate proceeds of a first-of-its-kind marijuana auction to the local school district.

But school officials declined the money, saying they want to take a stand against youth marijuana use, according to the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Williams now plans to give the money to the Boys & Girls Club, whose officials said they’d discuss whether to take the money, the newspaper reported. If not, Williams said he’d target Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Ray Tolcacher, the school district’s superintendent, has been one of Prosser’s staunchest opponents of recreational marijuana and has spoken out against the city’s decision to give a permit to a retail outlet in town, according to the Herald-Republic.

“We’re not taking (the money); end of story,” Tolcacher said.

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