WA Study: Licensed Growers Meet Demand

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The amount of marijuana allowed to be grown by state-licensed producers in Washington State is enough to meet the state’s medical and recreational demand, according to a study released May 13 by the Cannabis Law and Policy Project at the University of Washington Law School.

The group estimated that between 1.7 million and 2 million square feet of plants, about the size of 30-34 football fields, would satisfy medical marijuana demand in the state. The report also found that the state has approved 12.3 million square feet for canopy use currently, enough to supply the state’s total marijuana market.

The potential market value based on 10 million square feet of canopy is more than $8 billion, the report said.

The report also found that there were an estimated 273 medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington in January 2016 which sold an average of 9.55 pounds of marijuana flower per month at an average price of less than $10 per gram.

The report also said flower comprised 60% of dispensary sales, concentrates 22%, and edibles 18%.

A report released in December 2015 by Botec Analysis estimated that the state’s marijuana market is divided roughly into thirds for medical, recreational and illicit use.