Want To Better Serve Medical Pot Patients? Urge Them To Fill Out Our Questionnaire

In line with our mission of helping dispensary owners run their businesses more effectively, we’re looking for advice from those arguably in the best position to give it: patients.

MMJ Business Daily has created a questionnaire that will give us – and, more importantly, you – a better idea of what patients want in a medical marijuana center. Are they looking for the cheapest medical marijuana around, or do they prefer a high level of customer service and a comfortable ambience? Are they willing to drive 30 minutes for a preferred dispensary, or do they require something a lot closer to home?

To make the most of this, we need your help. Please pass along this link to your customers, mention it in your blog, tweet about it, post it on your Facebook page, etc. to help us get as many patients as possible to participate. We’ll then share the results and use the information to create some valuable content for dispensary owners on our sister site, Dispensary Insider. The goal is to help you retain customers and compete more effectively.

A very important note: The questionnaire is completely anonymous. We know patients are very protective of their personal information, and we want to respect their wishes for privacy. Please be sure to point this out if you mention our questionnaire.

2 comments on “Want To Better Serve Medical Pot Patients? Urge Them To Fill Out Our Questionnaire
  1. Connie Barr Miller on

    Despensaries need to lower their prices, in comparison of street prices. They also need to swallow their pride and greed. They were never meant to be, according to our first petition. Us patients that drew up the original petition, did NOT want stores that sold for three times the price of street prices. We just wanted to be able to grow our own, or purchase it from another patient safely. We did not want to go to jail for our medicine. I’m really over the greed of the dispensaries! They wonder why there’s all the regulations, well they were never supposed to exist. Its too bad us patients have to pay the price for their own greed.

    • ChrisWalsh on

      Interesting take, Connie. What state are you in? Dispensary owners in Colorado and California actually think their prices are way too low. They say it’s hard to make any money selling an eighth for $25-$30, but that they have to because of the competition. What do you think is a fair price, and how much is medical marijuana going for in your area? Thanks for the comment.

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