Warren Buffett’s Subsidiary Company Testing Cannabusiness Waters

A subsidiary company of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate is reportedly exploring the waters of the cannabis industry.

The company, Cubic Designs Inc., has sent around 1,000 letters to marijuana dispensaries over the past few weeks, offering to help them “double your growing space.”

Cubic Designs specializes in producing work platforms for commercial warehouses, thereby increasing work space.

The company became interested in serving the cannabis industry when a few cultivators contacted Cubic Designs expressing interest in the platforms. Warehouse space in many cities where cannabis cultivation is legal has become scarcer as the marijuana industry has exploded over the past few years.

, Warren Buffett’s Subsidiary Company Testing Cannabusiness Waters

Cubic Designs is currently targeting cultivators in Colorado, Washington and California, but sent the letters to dispensaries primarily because often grow operations are hard to find. So they contacted dispensaries instead, with the hope that the dispensaries would pass the word on to their suppliers.

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6 comments on “Warren Buffett’s Subsidiary Company Testing Cannabusiness Waters
  1. Doc on

    I can see a company like SuzQ’s in Washington state utilize Buffet’s company. SuzyQ’s is a medical dispensary and grow facility owned by Primco management; traded as PMCM on the stock market.

    I imagine the price of warehouses are going up much more than other real estate in states legal or going legal. Maximizing space and creating a high quality product for a sophisticated market place is certainly good business in this emerging green rush market place.

  2. bongstar420 on

    This is an affront to common decensy. If they can’t figure it out, they don’t deserve it. If it were about eliminating poverty and providing more healthy food, cheaper, then I might feel different. You are talking about increasing profits for a sector of the population that doesn’t deserve it.

  3. Joanie on

    Hmmm.. Interesting… Berkshire Hathaway controls a big part of workers comp here in CA and they are not pro cannabis when it comes to treating patients with cannabis. They are all for loading up and paying for opiates and when asked to cover cannabis for patients weaned off dangerous opiates… well lets just say they are not in support of that idea. Warren wants to get in on the wave of cash opportunities but not in the sense of actually helping patients.

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