Washington DC grower develops city’s first edible

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A Washington DC medical cannabis cultivator has created the city’s first-ever edibles product, several years after dispensaries opened in the nation’s capital.

The move allows local dispensaries to cater to patients who prefer to ingest medical marijuana rather than smoke it, which could help convince more people to sign up for MMJ cards.

The city’s medical cannabis law says edible forms of MMJ must be prepared at cultivation facilities and meet all requirements of a retail food establishment. Growers hadn’t produced edibles yet, so none had been available for sale at dispensaries in the city.

District Growers has changed that by introducing a line of raw, organic, unpasteurized infused drinks designed for MMJ patients, according to CBS News.

The product will be on sale exclusively at Metropolitan Wellness Center at first and will then be made available to other dispensaries.

Each bottle contains 60 to 70 milligrams of THC from an indica-sativa mix, which should be good for about three servings.

District Growers plans to add baked goods, bite-sized sweets and infused oils and butters in the next four months, the newspaper said.

The city’s dispensaries got off to a slow start when the program launched in 2013 due to an anemic patient base. But more locals have signed up for cards, and the city’s MMJ industry even faced a shortage of cannabis in February.