Washington Enacts MJ Product Recall Process

Washington State marijuana businesses are now subject to new rules under which various products can be recalled and even destroyed due to pesticide use.

The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board adopted emergency rules this week to address pesticides in cannabis cultivation, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The agency declared that the new rules “provide the ability to identify and remove products that have been found to pose a risk to public health in a fast and efficient manner.”

The new rules, outlined in a 129-page document, are quite extensive. A few highlights:
  • “Marijuana and marijuana products exposed to unauthorized soil amendments or fertilizers, or marijuana with detectable levels of unauthorized pesticides or plant growth regulators are subject to seizure and destruction.”
  • “Failure to address monetary penalties for two or more violation notices in a three year period will result in license cancellation.”
  • Some of the banned pesticides include ancymidol, chlormequat chloride, clofencet, colchicine, colloidal silver, daminozide, dikegulac-sodium, flumetralin, flurprimidol and paclobutrazol.

Pesticide use has become an increasingly hot topic in the cannabis industry, with thousands of products having been recalled in Colorado over the past year.

California also included pesticide rules in new MMJ industry regulations approved by the legislature last year. At the same time, product shortages and price spikes are expected in at least two states because of new pesticide regulations.

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4 comments on “Washington Enacts MJ Product Recall Process
  1. Solios Lujan on

    Very nessessary. In making medicine it should be pesticide free and also organic. Not just medicine, but all cannbis products need to be pesticide free. No one wants to digest poison particlarlly ill people! Growers need to start learning how to grow totally organic and how to take care of pest in a natural organic way. It really is not that hard and does not cost more, In fact nutrient cost is much lower, plants are heathier and more resistant to pest

  2. Mike on

    In Oregon we have the dept of agriculture leading the pesticide efforts. Even if its not medical grade cannabis growers should be testing. American cannabis needs high standards to insure a great product. Growers need an unbiased quality lab test that won’t be cost prohibitive.

    • Michelle on

      You are so right!! Why does it have to be crazy expensive! I’m in Oregon too, (hey fellow Oregonian?) I grow for myself only, and we use all organic soil, etc. but I’d love to test it for thc/cbd info…it’s so spendy though!!

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