Marijuana Businesses & MMJ Patients to Rally Nationwide, Protest Federal Intervention

Seattle Medical Marijuana Rally

The medical marijuana industry is looking to form a united front against the federal government’s continuing MMJ crackdown, with numerous rallies and protests planned for Thursday in Washington DC and eight states across the country.

Americans for Safe Access is urging medical cannabis professionals, advocates and patients to attend afternoon rallies in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington State and the nation’s capital. Organizers want to send a clear message to the government: Stop interfering with state medical marijuana laws and end the crackdown on the cannabis industry. Most of the protests will be held outside of Obama’s local campaign offices.

The federal government has conducted nearly 200 raids and shut down hundreds of dispensaries nationwide through other efforts in the past two years – despite Obama’s initial pledge to back off MMJ businesses that are complying with state laws.

“We are sick and tired of being told to vote against our health,” ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer said in a release. “Thursday’s rallies are aimed at conveying that patients and their families are voters who may be influenced this November by the president’s broken promises on this issue.”

One of the larger events will be held in Seattle.  Several business and political leaders – including Greta Carter of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards & Ethics, Rep. Roger Goodman and Councilman Nick Licata – will speak during a 10:30 a.m. pre-rally press conference at Seattle City Hall. The rally will be held between 2 and 5:30 p.m. outside the U.S. Courthouse. In a show of support, several dispensaries will also close for the day.

“We are pleased to see the support and courage from our elected officials for their convictions to uphold what Washington citizens have voted for,” Carter said. “We hope the message is received by the Obama administration that Washington does not need nor welcome federal intervention.”

The rally comes after the Drug Enforcement Administration last month ordered two dozen Washington dispensaries located near schools to close, threatening the owners and their landlords with prosecution. Similar moves have forced hundreds of dispensaries to close in California and Colorado.

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One comment on “Marijuana Businesses & MMJ Patients to Rally Nationwide, Protest Federal Intervention
  1. William A Wigle on

    I will not vote for Mr. Obama. He lost my vote when Uruguay stated that the government was going to legalize it and make it a government business, and said that the U.S. should follow suite. Obama’s reply was not on my watch. He admitted that he had used it when he was in High School, and when he was in college, so he has to know what the effects of it is. He should know that it is not addictive, and that it doesn’t kill from overdose.
    I figure that the only reason that he is leaving it on the schedule one list, while Heroin and crack is on the schedule two list,(meaning that he is saying that Marijuana is a more dangerous drug), is because he is either affraid of the powers that are making a great deal, of capital gain, off of the prohibition, i.e.,Private prisons that incarcerate the growers, and users. The judicial system, i.e. DEA, and police officers that confiscate property, to buy all their technical toys. and to give a whole lot of people a government jobs, to keep them off of welfare, and unemployment.
    Or he is owned by big business( he can’t afford to loose their political contributions) that doesn’t want it legalized because it would cut into their profits, i.e. cotton, paper. fabrics, rope, timber, big pharmacy, and so many others, that it is not funny.
    Romney’s attitude isn’t any better. If he believes in his religion, and is going to follow it. He will do every thing in his power as president to see that it stays illegal.
    The only choice that I can see is to vote libertarian, and hope enough people can see and under stand what I am saying, to vote that way to.

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