WeedMaps Pumps $2 Million Into CA Marijuana Legalization

WeedMaps is getting into politics.

The popular dispensary listings site has pledged $1 million to a newly-formed campaign committee dubbed Californians for Sensible Reform, and another $1 million into a political action committee by the same name, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The first committee will throw its finances behind whichever legalization ballot measure next year it deems most worthy, and the second committee will support cannabis-friendly candidates, the Chronicle reported.

Though marijuana companies throwing money behind political campaigns is nothing new, the scale of WeedMaps’ donation is what’s noteworthy. Troy Dayton, CEO of the ArcView Group, told the Chronicle that such a hefty political donation is the largest he’s ever heard of from a single company.

“It is yet another sign that the industry is maturing,” Dayton said.

And there could be multiple ballot measures for WeedMaps to choose from when it comes time to back a horse. At least two marijuana-related ballot measures have already been filed with the state, with at least one more on the way.

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One comment on “WeedMaps Pumps $2 Million Into CA Marijuana Legalization
  1. Jahpharmer on

    NO! No, no and NO! again.

    Read the words within Californians for Sensible Reform
    …and you will clearly see this is just another form of prohibition: “…that protects the public safety and local control…:

    Please do not get me wrong here, I am all for protecting public safety, yet already there’s more than ample laws on the books protecting the public, we do not need laws specific to cannabis layered on top of existing “behave in public” laws. And, leaving local control, “ordinances” alone is the main factor that continues to undermine the will of the people of California wanting local access to grow, consume, trade and make a decent living from cannabis.

    Again, do not get me wrong here. Weedmaps does a good job publishing cannabis information. However, Weedmaps, in supporting Californians for Sensible Reform, shows it is light-years out of touch with the ongoing struggles between cannabis users, activists, and the medical professionals that more and more are recommending cannabis as a medicine, and the anti-cannabis, ultra-conservatives that seem to infest many county board of supervisors and city councils across California. “Local control” ordinances, sponsored by anti-cannabis members of county board of supervisors, city councils and the like, game the system by taking advantage of California’s constitution that gives them the final say-so for such things as land use laws Couching cannabis in land-use issues is a distraction from the fact, the reality, that cannabis is a public health issue. Time to stop pussy-footing around with those folks and their petty personal dislikes by supporting a voter driven ballot measure in 2016 that closes the loop-holes anti-cannabis politicians now use to thwart the will of the people of California when it comes to unfettered access to medical cannabis.

    If Weedmaps is genuinely interested in ending cannabis prohibition in California, it needs to put its money behind those groups that are for abolishing local control when it comes to cannabis. Hold cannabis cultivation to the same agricultural restraints as other agricultural crops in California are, abolish all cannabis-specific ordinances. Allow adult Californians the same access to cannabis as any other agricultural product. Allow Californians, individuals, and businesses, to make their living from cannabis no different than from any other agricultural commodity.

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