Weekly Wrapup: 19th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana? + Michigan Cannabis Developments

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The next state to legalize medical cannabis could very well be Illinois, but it’s going to take an aggressive last-minute push by MMJ-friendly lawmakers for that to become a reality.

Last week, Illinois State Rep. Lou Lang delayed a scheduled vote on his proposal to temporarily legalize medical marijuana, saying he needs more time to convince his peers to back the measure. A vote could be held this week – or by Jan. 8 at the latest- if Lang feels he can generate enough support.

The bill calls for a three-year pilot program allowing registered patients to obtain medical marijuana from licensed, regulated nonprofit dispensaries. Industry leaders say it would be the most restrictive MMJ law to date.

The fact that Colorado and Washington just approved the use of recreational cannabis could help the bill, showing that attitudes about marijuana in general have shifted. Alternatively, it could hurt the cause instead: Some lawmakers might see it as a sign that MMJ laws create a “slippery slope” eventually leading to general cannabis legalization.

It’s unclear how many lawmakers Lang still needs to sway. He said a number of those who had indicated support are now wavering. So the probability that Illinois will pass an MMJ law in the next month appears somewhat low. But Lang’s continued efforts to lobby fellow lawmakers indicate that the bill still has a chance, and at least that’s something.

Also last week, MMJ Business Daily posted a recap of recent MMJ and cannabis developments in Michigan. The developments – which include positive election-related results and a favorable outcome in a court case against dispensary workers – provide a much-needed boost to the state’s beleaguered medical marijuana industry.

Scores of dispensaries across the state have closed over the past 18 months after a damaging court ruling and a crackdown by some key officials.But the momentum has finally shifted in the MMJ industry’s favor, and we could see this bear fruit next year as Michigan lawmakers debate new medical cannabis laws and regulations. Hopefully, the momentum will translate into changes that create a stable medical marijuana market for years to come.

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6 comments on “Weekly Wrapup: 19th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana? + Michigan Cannabis Developments
  1. Paul..leifker on

    I have been making simson oil and using it to help my hep c and so far i feel it has helpt. I will let it be known if this cures my hep c.

  2. gill lake on

    I find it interesting that you refer to the “industry” aka corporatization of medical cannabis and most if not all of us with a legitimate condition sought an alternative or adjunct to the medical “industry” in the first place. I understand so many make a buck on it but many do not and are further victimized by yet another system to line pockets at our expence…btw, I’m out and sure could use a doobe right about now..peace!

    • chrisw on

      Gil – Thanks for your comments. I understand your point and concerns, but we are a publication that was created to serve the industry – not patients, advocates, homegrowers, etc. There are many different aspects of medical marijuana, and there are many publications and media sources out there that cover these aspects. We chose to focus on the business side. That is our niche. So if you’re reading MMJ Business Daily, you’re going to see a lot of references to the “industry.” Thanks again.

  3. walkswithyahweh on

    this is killing me. i have a medical condition that i can cure using cannabis oil. thanks you scumbag law makers for making me live with my fybro for one more year. i hope you all catch something only cannabis cures or treats just like me.

  4. stumagoo on

    To paul leifker: wld like to keep up with your progress. I did medibles almost daily for 3-4 months and last ultrasound stated “normal” abdominal scan. B4 that they always stated “fibrosis” or some cirhossis. I think there might b something to this EC system. Good luck.

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