Weekly Wrapup: Moves to Unite Marijuana Industry, Support Medical Cannabis Laws Take Center Stage

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That, according to marijuana organizations and top medical cannabis people, is what the MMJ industry needs more than anything else right now.

And that’s what the medical marijuana business community is finally starting to get, in ways both large and small.

Last week was a perfect example of how various elements of the medical cannabis movement are starting to come together and support each other in an attempt to strengthen the marijuana industry as a whole.

As we reported, MMJ supporters have formed an organization that aims to promote the rights of cannabis patients and defend state marijuana laws. Called the National Patients Rights Association, or NPRA, the Michigan-based group will lobby for standardized, concise and clear state regulations on medical cannabis.

The industry has been largely fractured to date, especially when it comes to presenting a united front on issues involving dispensaries, patients and MMJ businesses. This has contributed to the confusing regulatory and legal patchwork across the United States, which has created a very chaotic scene in many cities. Organizations like the NPRA are sorely needed, medical cannabis leaders say, to bring some cohesiveness to the industry and work on big-picture goals.

The theme of unity will also take center stage nationally in the coming days as the cannabis industry celebrates Medical Marijuana Week. Americans for Safe Access has numerous rallies planned, including one in California tied to President Obama’s upcoming visit. The organization is also urging MMJ professionals and patients to participate in a coordinated effort to support medical cannabis legislation by putting a little pressure on state and federal lawmakers. ASA has outlined steps that supporters can take every day this week to further the cause.

These efforts to unify the industry come on the heels of a symposium held recently in Washington DC to bring together the area’s fledgling medical cannabis community. The moves, when combined, offer an encouraging picture of where things are headed for the medical marijuana industry.

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