‘Wine Club for Cannabis’ Gains Traction in California

California has long been known for both world-class wines and cannabis, and an ancillary marijuana company is trying to meld the two in a new marketing strategy.

A San Francisco startup called Marvina is billing itself as a “wine club for cannabis,” offering its members several strains of medical marijuana a month as well as flavor profiles and other information – all delivered to their door. The subscription-based service starts at $95.

Marvina, founded last November, caters to California medical marijuana patients. The company works in conjunction with local MMJ dispensaries to package and deliver the cannabis, and so far has less than 100 customers.

MMJ delivery services have been under attack in some parts of California, mostly around the Los Angeles area, but many have persisted. Marvina could provide a business model that might be a legal workaround for companies trying to tap the same market – MMJ patients who either can’t or don’t want to leave home to obtain their medicine.

Though Marvina so far is available only in California, founder Dane Pieri told the Boston Business Journal he’s hoping to expand to other western states, including Arizona, Colorado and Oregon.