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September 10, 2021

Today's top story: Biden's vaccine mandate expected to apply to marijuana industry
The marijuana industry should expect to feel the same impacts as other industries from imminent federal regulations requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to impose a coronavirus vaccine mandate or mandatory weekly testing for those who don’t vaccinate.

The 2021 MJBizFactbook estimates the industry employs the equivalent of 340,000 to 415,000 full-time workers nationwide. It’s unclear, however, how many marijuana businesses and workers will be affected.
Even as ransomware attacks on high-profile mainstream companies such as Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods have grabbed headlines in recent months, cannabis companies appear largely unprotected from malicious actors launching such schemes.

That could prove costly to any marijuana companies that fall victim to the crime, which forces targeted businesses to pay a ransom to regain access to data and files that have been stolen and then locked or encrypted.
A long-debated bill to establish new hemp rules in California – but which drew the ire of business owners in both the hemp and marijuana sectors – has gained final approval from state lawmakers.

The passage of the bill was the result of years of effort to update industry rules for California’s hemp companies. Up until its passage, the measure remained a divisive issue among marijuana and hemp industry stakeholders.
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N E W  P O D C A S T
Karla Avila and Jacob Johnson started Flowerdaze Farm in California’s famed Emerald Triangle with a focus on farming cannabis sustainably with as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Today, their small farm produces 200-300 pounds of craft cannabis annually, selling for up to $1,500 per pound. But thanks to their regenerative farming techniques, their costs are extraordinarily low.

In this episode of Seed to CEO, Karla and Jacob share how to be both a regenerative and profitable farm.
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