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December 15, 2021

Story of the week: What Europe's THC change means for global hemp entrepreneurs. Photo: Teanna Morgan
The European Union has finally joined North America and raised the THC limit in hemp to 0.3%. It could be a huge new opportunity for CBD manufacturers in Canada and the United States – but some say more work needs to be done.
A Kentucky research farm hailed for advancing the hemp industry through its hemp trials and pilot research program was leveled by a string of deadly tornadoes that passed through the state.
Hemp farmers know firsthand the devastation that inconsistent genetics and pests can have on a crop. The good news is that as the cannabis industry begins to mature, horticultural companies are pouring research and money into cannabis to advance the science of breeding new varieties and establish clean stock standards to ensure supply-chain integrity.
2021 Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook
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Hemp Industry Daily Team
N E W  P O D C A S T
Jeannette Ward Horton loved her time in corporate America, working for such mainstream giants as Coca-Cola, but the experience ultimately left her wanting to do something more meaningful. Enter: cannabis. From her early days in the industry, Jeannette noticed a gap in participation between white owners and others, so she decided to change it. She founded NuProject with her husband, Jesce Horton, to give minority entrepreneurs a way to get their piece of the cannabis industry pie.

In this episode of Seed to CEO, Jeannette shares how she identified what BIPOC communities needed to benefit from the burgeoning industry, where the industry can do better and more.
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