Wyoming MMJ group fails to make 2016 ballot

There won’t be any marijuana business opportunities in Wyoming any time soon, now that a campaign there has failed to gather enough signatures to get a medical marijuana initiative on the 2016 ballot.

The state’s NORML wing told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that it had only been able to gather a little over 7,000 signatures since August, far short of the 25,600 it needed by Feb. 8 to qualify for the ballot.

But the group isn’t giving up; instead, they’re simply pushing back their timeline and shooting for the 2018 ballot now. State law gives campaigns 18 months from when signature gathering began, which means they’ll need to make the threshold for petitions by early next year, which advocates say is much more doable.

That means MMJ may still be coming to Wyoming. Just not for another couple years.

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One comment on “Wyoming MMJ group fails to make 2016 ballot
  1. Jeff Brown on

    Wondering why none of the big organizations don’t come in and make this happen. 25,000 maybe 50,000 signatures isn’t such a big hurdle.

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