Marijuana Business Magazine - January 2017

MONEY MATTERS B efore co-founding iAnthus Capital Holdings in 2014, Hadley Ford spent 14 years on Wall Street with companies such as Goldman Sachs. That experience has been pivotal to the growth of iAnthus, a New York-based marijuana investment and operations company that trades on the Canadian Stock Exchange. The firm uses those proceeds to fund its U.S. operations. It owns marijuana grow and retail companies in five states – Colorado, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont – plus a 6% stake in a Florida medical cannabis business. What is the best cannabis investment you’ve made? I could say the best option that we bought is Vermont, because we paid several million dollars, and that state’s likely to go full rec and we’ll have one of five licenses in a $100 million market. But it hasn’t gone full rec yet. And if it never goes full rec, it wasn’t a great investment. Editor’s note: Our new monthly Money Matters will examine cannabis investing, capital raises, financial management and other issues. It will feature a Q&A, news and a notable financial factoid. Q&A with the Co-Founder and Managing Director of iAnthus Capital Hadley Ford ¬nvesting & Finance ¬nsight 12 • Marijuana Business Magazine • January 2018