Marijuana Business Magazine - January 2017

PRISCILLA VILCHIS CEO, Premium Produce Las Vegas | Pick: Gavita Pro 1000 We prefer Gavita Pro 1000 variable grow lights. These have a dial that allows us to adjust watt- age easily, save energy and reduce our company's carbon footprint. The bulbs are easily replace- able, inexpensive and environmentally disposable. The reason the choice of growing lights is so important for us is because of the impact lights can have on the environment, and in the long term these lights provide a great return on investment. Being able to reduce our electricity use also supports further scaling of our grow operations. KYLE KUSHMAN Grower Los Angeles | Pick: SolisTek A1+ The new SolisTek A1+ comes with all the features common in the industry, like 120/240 volt and metal halide/HPS compatible. It also has “smart start” to protect circuitry and six different usable wattage settings. But this all-in-one, double-ended fixture makes great use of the best feature to come along in ballast technology since digitals. You can control up to 300 lights on two independ- ent light cycles. Their software allows simple commands to simulate sunrise and/or sunset, with the brightness and timing chosen by you. Up to 25 temperature sensors per room can dim or turn lights off in case of unforeseen heat rise. Link up by downloading the app for use on any Android PDA. It’s very easy to set up and use. The interface is simple, giving you access to functionality which can help maximize growth potential, protect against crop failures and enhance ripening. LILACH MAZOR POWER Founder and managing director, Giving Tree Wellness Center Phoenix | Pick: Gavita Pro 1000 We use a Gavita Pro 1000 light in our grow. It’s been an amazing change. We have had four different generations of lights. It mimics the sunlight and the sunset. If there’s any change in temperature it will lower the watts so it won’t get too hot in the room. All those little things have made a big difference for us. JOHN CACHAT CEO, CCV Research Sheffield Village, Ohio | Pick: Solatube SkyVault Solatube SkyVault (natural lighting skylight). Why? Full spectrum, natural sunlight is free and improves diversity and concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. CASEY O’NEILL Co-operator, Happy Day Farms Mendocino County, California | Pick: The Sun The sun. It's free. No fossil fuels are required. It's sustainable and always on time. — Bart Schaneman E ach month we survey a group of marijuana industry executives, asking them to name a favorite item – such as a trimmer, extraction technology or edibles ingredient. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . This month we’ve asked five cultivators to share their favorite lighting technology: 14 • Marijuana Business Magazine • January 2018