Marijuana Business Magazine - January 2017

RETA¬L BUS¬NESS STRATEG¬ES T o promote “Disjointed” – an origi- nal series set in a Los Angeles dispensary, starring Kathy Bates – Netflix teamed up last year with a West Hollywood dispensary, Alternative Herbal Health Services. Netflix commissioned the dispensary to create 12 medical marijuana strains. The strain names were featured on the show, and Alternative Herbal Health Services sold the actual product. To Lights, Camera, Action! You may never promote a TV sitcom in your dispensary – but here’s how one retailer helped launch a Netflix show by Lisa Greim prevent Netflix and show producers from running afoul of federal law, Alter- native Herbal Health Services handled all the details of packaging and sales. In addition, the Alternative Herbal Health Services store, on Santa Monica Boulevard, was redecorated inside to look like Ruth’s Alternative Caring – the dispensary featured in “Disjointed,” which aired its first 10 episodes in late August 2017. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY To promote “Disjointed” – an original series set in a Los Angeles dispensary and starring Kathy Bates – Netflix teamed with a California medical marijuana company. Here’s what you need to know about the partnership: • Netflix worked with Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood and commissioned a line of 12 medical marijuana strains that were featured on the show and sold in the dispensary. • Netflix redecorated the interior of Alternative Herbal Health Services to make it resemble the dispensary featured in the show. • The partnership garnered international press attention and generated publicity for Alternative Herbal Health Services in the mainstream media. • While not the first, the partnership appears to be the most wide-ranging of its kind in the marijuana industry and could serve as a template for other MJ businesses seeking to exploit a pop culture tie-in. • The dispensary co-owner, Dina Browner, served as a consultant on the set of “Disjointed.” Dina Browner, co-owner of Alternative Herbal Health Services, serves as a consultant to the Netflix show “Disjointed.” Photo by Eitan Miskevich Such cobranding is a hot trend in mainstream consumer marketing. Cover Girl developed a Star Wars-themed line of “light side” and “dark side” makeup. Uber and Spotify promote “soundtracks for your ride.” BMW and Louis Vuitton collaborated on a campaign, “The Art 76 • Marijuana Business Magazine • January 2018