Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019

2 Marijuana Business Magazine | April 2019 FEATURES 40 ON THE MONEY Cannabis industry workers and executives can earn more than their mainstream counterparts, a Marijuana Business Magazine survey finds. $12.95 VOL6 • ISSUE4 •April2019 Insights forcannabisexecutives, investors&entrepreneurs SALARY SURVEY Avoid Becoming aShort-Selling Target SPECIAL ISSUE CollectExtraction Data toNegotiate FlowerPrices Cannabis industryworkers can earnmore than theirmainstream counterparts Do’sand Don’ts ofRetail Design ProtectYour ProductsFrom Counterfeiters On Our Cover Marijuana Business Magazine's inaugural salary survey uncovered pay disparities based on age of market, geography and more. TABLE OF CONTENTS 82 TRACK AND TRACE By tracking terpene content, potency, yields and other data, extractors can aid their bottom lines, retain top customers and boost oil yields. 92 COUNTERING THE COUNTERFEITERS Four steps cannabis companies can take to protect their products from becoming knockoffs. 64 DO’S AND DON’TS Dispensary design tips that’ll resonate with customers and help a retailer’s bottom line. 76 SHORT STOP Transparency, proper accounting and getting ahead of bad news can help cannabis companies prevent their stocks from being ravaged by short sellers. Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019 • Volume 6 • Issue 4 SALARY SURVEY April