Marijuana Business Magazine April 2019

3 April 2019 | DEPARTMENTS 6 From the CEO’s Desk 8 Cannabusiness by the Numbers 10 Q&AWith Nick Dean of Emblem 14 Money Matters 16 Company News 22 Industry Developments 36 Trends & Hot Topics 110 Industry Players 118 Market at a Glance 122 Our Advertisers 124 Notable Quotes This page: Las Vegas-based Planet 13 sought to make its retail space open and airy. Read more tips for retail design o n page 64. Ph oto courtesy Planet 13 12 THE EXECUTIVE PAGE Luka Freyer, the CEO of dispenser maker Patron and the co-founder of Freyherr, discusses business opportunities in Macedonia and Slovenia. 34 HEMP NOTEBOOK Why the hemp industry should lead the next big cannabis fight: excessive fees. 100 RETAIL BUSINESS STRATEGIES Lower Manhattan retailer Come Back Daily offers a place to learn about, try and buy CBD products. 106 BEST PRACTICES: CULTIVATION How to grow better cannabis for extraction. 116 MY FAVORITE THINGS Cannabis industry executives share their favorite incentives for sales teams. CORRECTION The ability of Pennsylvania medical schools to partner with cannabis companies on research was stated incorrectly in the February issue. Medical schools may file applications with more than one company, but the state will issue permits to just one partnership per school.