Marijuana Business Magazine - Issue 09, Oct 2017

ln This lssue 54 FEATURES 80 54 Renaissance Woman Washington DC dispensary owner Chanda Macias used her scientific and business know-how to land a license and launch a successful company. COVER PHOTO by Essdras M Suarez 36 Speedy Strains Growers in competitive markets aim to gain an edge by using strains that mature more quickly and can be harvested sooner. 70 Balancing Act Ancillary companies serving marijuana clients and mainstream customers must tread carefully and take steps to prevent potential snafus. 44 44 Room to Tinker To stay ahead of rivals, set aside space in your grow to experiment with new cultivation methods and technologies. 80 Cannabis Crossover Hemp farmers mulling a move into marijuana need to know the differences in regulations and growing techniques. 6 • Marijuana Business Magazine • October 2017