Marijuana Business Magazine - Issue 09, Oct 2017

Table of Contents 6
Cannabusiness by the Numbers 10
Investing and Funding Corner 12
My Favorite Things 14
Five Questions With Neil Closner, CEO of MedReleaf 16
National and International News Developments 18
Trends and Hot Topics 32
Growers Turning to Strains That Can Be Harvested Sooner 36
Want to Remain Competitive? Time to Try New Cultivation Methods, Technology 44
Cover Story 54
How Ancillary Firms Can Better Balance Cannabis Clients, Mainstream Customers 70
How to Transition from Marijuana Cultivation to Hemp 80
Retail Business Strategies 90
How to Hire – and Train – Trimmers for Your Cultivation Operation 96
Industry Snapshot: Nutrient and Soil Companies 104
Wheelin’ & Dealin’ 114
Movers & Shakers 120
Market at a Glance: Illinois 125