10 Israeli Medical Marijuana Patients Testing THC-Free Cannabis: Reduces Pain Without That Annoying Side Effect

By Anne Holland

Tikun Olam, a licensed medical marijuana growing facility in Israel, announced today that for the last six months it’s been running limited human patient trials of Avidekel, a new strain of cannabis which has 15.8% CBD but less than 1% THC. Plenty of mice and ten human patients have tried the new strain so far. We can’t speak for the mice, but human patients are saying they appreciate having the benefits of CBD without the side affects of THC.

CBD is Cannabidiol, a substance with anti-inflammatory benefits that may help rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, liver inflammation, heart disease and diabetes. So, it doesn’t do everything that researchers claim THC-bearing cannabis can, but even these partial benefits are well worth investigating, especially for patients who don’t appreciate getting high.

Daily News | Ancillary Marijuana Companies

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