California cannabis rules taking shape: Q&A with MJ attorney Khurshid Khoja

John Schroyer  | June 27, 2017

By John Schroyer

California took a big step forward in June by passing a law designed to streamline government oversight for the state's medical and recreational marijuana industries.

Because the new measure combines two laws, it’s complicated.

So Marijuana Business Daily enlisted cannabis attorney Khurshid Khoja to help break it down.

John Schroyer  |
June 27, 2017

Chart: Cannabis industry employs 165,000-plus workers

Eli McVey  | June 26, 2017

By Eli McVey

With 165,000-230,000 full- and part-time workers, the U.S. cannabis industry has quickly become a major job generator.

Cannabis-related businesses now employ more people than there are dental hygienists and bakers in the United States and will soon surpass the number of telemarketers and pharmacists.

Eli McVey  |
June 26, 2017

By Omar Sacirbey, Bart Schaneman and John Schroyer

Massachusetts lawmakers propose an overhaul to a voter-approved measure to legalize recreational cannabis, Pennsylvania awards 12 medical marijuana cultivation licenses, and Oregon continues to have MJ testing issues.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Bart Schaneman  |
June 23, 2017

Nevada retailers still targeting July 1 rec marijuana start amid uncertainty

John Schroyer  | June 22, 2017

By John Schroyer

A ruling by a Nevada judge has jeopardized the planned July 1 start date for early adult-use marijuana sales, but some retailers believe they'll be able to move ahead as planned.

At least until they run out of inventory.

John Schroyer  |
June 22, 2017

South Carolina prepares to launch nation’s latest hemp program

Margaret Jackson  | June 21, 2017

By Margaret Jackson

South Carolina is gearing up to become the latest state to allow hemp cultivation, a move that’s expected to create opportunities for farmers, makers of hemp-based products and ancillary companies offering goods and services to those growing and processing the plant.

Margaret Jackson  |
June 21, 2017

Chart: Florida could someday be home to massive medical marijuana businesses

Eli McVey  | June 19, 2017

By Eli McVey

Primed to become one of the nation’s most lucrative medical marijuana markets once it’s up and running, Florida’s program will license just a handful of businesses to produce, process and distribute all MMJ sold in the state.

It’s a situation that may give rise to some of the nation’s largest marijuana firms.

Eli McVey  |
June 19, 2017