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Cannabis industry has vested interest in today’s elections in Michigan, New Jersey and New York

Welcome to Election Day 2017. Though it won’t compare to the historic gains the cannabis industry made at the polls last November, there are three states whose election results could either directly or indirectly have serious ramifications for marijuana businesses: Michigan, New Jersey and New York. Polls in Michigan and New Jersey close at 8 […]

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Chart: Medical marijuana patient counts surging in Florida

Despite a shaky rollout, Florida’s full-fledged medical marijuana industry is off to an explosive start. More than 30,000 patients have enrolled in the MMJ program since June – a 183% increase – and total patient counts will soon eclipse 50,000. Here’s what you need to know about the situation: Seventy-one percent of Florida voters approved […]

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Washington state cannabis businesses enter unknown territory with no official seed-to-sale system

Washington state marijuana licensees are incurring added costs in man hours and paperwork now that they’re operating without a contracted state seed-to-sale system. Nov. 1 marked the first day licensed Washington state marijuana businesses have operated without a traceability program, and it’s raising questions about the necessity of such systems.

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Provincial Preview: Will ‘Alberta advantage’ pay off for marijuana producers, other MJ businesses?

By Matt Lamers

Alberta might be one of Canada’s hottest cannabis markets after recreational sales are legalized next year, and “the Alberta advantage” puts the province’s cultivators – and possibly edibles makers and retailers – in a position to capitalize.

Industry executives say “The Alberta advantage” boils down to people, cheap power and sunshine.

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Hemp State Highlight: Oregon positioned for national dominance with tested products

By Kristen Nichols

When it comes to hemp, Oregon is no little brother to its more populous neighbors to the north and south.

Washington state bans hemp production for high-value CBD products, and California is headed toward a patchwork of local hemp regulations. Meanwhile, Oregon is poised to become a national hemp leader.

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Public banks offer hope for marijuana businesses, but will they arrive in time?

By Omar Sacirbey With most private institutions and credit unions still avoiding the legal cannabis industry, many marijuana businesses remain without bank accounts. But one idea is gaining acceptance among MJ entrepreneurs and a growing number of cities and states: the formation of public banks to serve the cannabis industry.

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