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Adult-use cannabis retailers take stock of inventory, encourage online orders as sales surge during coronavirus pandemic

Recreational marijuana retailers throughout several markets in the U.S. saw a dramatic spike in sales in recent days, according to new data, an unambiguous sign that the coronavirus pandemic is prompting consumers to stock up on products. The run on cannabis stores may come from the fear that marijuana shops will be closed indefinitely, similar […]

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Marijuana businesses pivot quickly to meet demand for home deliveries amid coronavirus worries

Cannabis companies that provide delivery services – including delivery operators and retailers – are seeing a deluge of orders as customers stock up on marijuana products in the wake of coronavirus pandemic concerns. At the same time, these companies are putting into place unprecedented measures to ensure their delivery drivers and customers stay healthy, ranging […]

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Where in the US is marijuana legal?

With state regulations rapidly changing, Marijuana Business Daily is offering one spot where readers can find up-to-the-minute information for markets that allow legal medical and recreational cannabis. This information also is available in each issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.

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Chart: Marijuana brand concentration highlights need for strategic branding, marketing

As most recreational cannabis markets mature, a small number of brands are gobbling up the majority of sales. Brand concentration – where a few brands command most of a segment’s sales – highlights the importance of effective branding and messaging for marijuana companies. “When analyzing the competitive landscape of the cannabis market we often look […]

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Many marijuana companies increase costly sick pay policies due to coronavirus

Cannabis businesses – like mainstream U.S. companies – are extending sick pay provisions in response to the coronavirus pandemic to help ensure employees and customers remain safe and healthy. The measures could prove costly for marijuana companies in the short term at a time when some are struggling financially, but the hope is that stringent health […]

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Colorado cannabis retailer voluntarily closes over coronavirus concerns after spike in customer traffic; similar closures could follow

Fort Collins, Colorado, cannabis retailer Organic Alternatives closed voluntarily on Monday over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus – and many more marijuana shops likely could do the same soon despite the loss in sales they’ll experience. Concerns around marijuana retailers closing also could lead to a run on cannabis stores, where consumers buy out products over fears that business will remain shuttered.

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Week in Review: Coronavirus’ effects on marijuana firms, Tilray plans $90M raise, Maine aims to tackle illicit MJ & more

Marijuana retailers, vape product suppliers and MJ industry conferences and trade shows are among the cannabis businesses dealing with challenges related to coronavirus. MJBizDaily takeaway: On the supply side, businesses that rely on cannabis vape products sourced from China are feeling the strain, as are manufacturers that use Chinese companies to provide packaging. But many are looking […]

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