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How coronavirus in China could disrupt the cannabis vape hardware supply chain

The coronavirus outbreak in China – which has killed hundreds, sickened thousands and led to travel restrictions – is expected to impact marijuana vaporizer companies that depend on Chinese suppliers by interfering with the flow of hardware and other products. Trade tensions between the United States and China previously caused disruptions in the supply chain. […]

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Glut of Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries driving price wars

So many medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in Oklahoma that many stores are slashing prices to stay competitive. The downward pressure on cannabis pricing has some dispensaries fearing for their future even as they brace for yet more possible business challenges that could result if the state enacts more cannabis regulations related to testing and labeling.

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Some struggling US cannabis companies may look to Canada for possible bankruptcy protection

With capital constraints a growing factor in the marijuana industry, U.S. cannabis companies facing financial pressure are increasingly eyeing Canadian bankruptcy protection as a possible solution to their problems. “It’s a growing trend,” said Zachary Kobrin, special counsel of government affairs at Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Akerman. “We started seeing the tea leaves a few months ago and […]

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Which California city might show the way forward for cannabis social equity in the state?

Some marijuana industry watchers are keeping a close eye on Sacramento, California, as a possible example that other municipalities in the state could follow as they look to expand or develop new social equity plans. California cities, including Sacramento, have struggled to fulfill the ideals behind social equity even as marijuana businesses in the state also […]

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Chart: Cannabis delivery companies adapt strategy to focus on increasing participation by women

As cannabis acceptance becomes widespread, consumer demographics have shifted to include more women, impacting methods used by businesses to reach their target audience. San Francisco-based Eaze, an online cannabis marketplace and home delivery service, reported the number of women participating on its platform increased 81% between 2018 and 2019. That brings the company’s total proportion […]

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