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Week in Review: Coronavirus’ effects on marijuana firms, Tilray plans $90M raise, Maine aims to tackle illicit MJ & more

Marijuana retailers, vape product suppliers and MJ industry conferences and trade shows are among the cannabis businesses dealing with challenges related to coronavirus. MJBizDaily takeaway: On the supply side, businesses that rely on cannabis vape products sourced from China are feeling the strain, as are manufacturers that use Chinese companies to provide packaging. But many are looking […]

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Cannabis shops take preventive measures in response to coronavirus, report fewer customers yet larger purchases

Marijuana retailers are seeing customers stocking up on products as the coronavirus spreads across the United States. Stores also are implementing extra precautions to keep both customers and employees safe. Here are some of the approaches cannabis businesses are taking in response to the health crisis: Increasing social distancing and sanitation. Prioritizing medical marijuana patients. […]

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MJBizDaily podcast: Coronavirus hits cannabis industry and more

Coronavirus dominated global headlines, including for the cannabis industry. Some of the other top headlines addressed in this week’s MJBizDaily podcast include: Washington state ups its social equity stake. Earnings madness marches on. Maine marijuana unit looks to tackle illicit MJ market. And more.

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Large cannabis operators positioned to dominate potential Arizona recreational cannabis market, shut out small businesses

Arizona’s fast-growing, roughly $750 million a year medical marijuana market was fortified by multistate operators (MSOs) that moved into the market and invigorated lackluster operations, cannabis experts say. And now an even bigger potential prize looms: A recreational cannabis market that the state’s voters could legalize in November. But some experts worry that the industry-backed recreational cannabis […]

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California legislative roundup: Are tax shifts on the way for the state’s cannabis industry?

The 2020 California legislative session began in January, and marijuana industry insiders say what happens by time it concludes could be make-or-break for the state’s legal MJ industry as it deals with ongoing challenges around taxes, the illicit market and local municipality restrictions on cannabis firms. The dominant topic on the minds of California cannabis businesses is […]

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