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Alaska recreational cannabis supply on the upswing, wholesale marijuana still fetching high prices

Alaska’s recreational cannabis market is slowly maturing. Supply is catching up to demand, but wholesale and retail prices remain some of the highest in the nation among adult-use marijuana markets. According to several business owners in the state, prices for a wholesale pound of cannabis flower in the Last Frontier range from $2,800 to $5,000 […]

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Chart: US hemp production soars in 2017

Rising acceptance for hemp and CBD – combined with easing regulations at the state level – caused U.S. hemp production to surge in 2017. From 2016 to 2017, the number of acres licensed for hemp cultivation in the top 10 hemp-growing states grew by 140% – while the number of hemp producers doubled over the same […]

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Week in Review: MedMen-Cronos alliance, California MJ business licensing & Arkansas’ MMJ woes

MedMen strikes up a cannabis partnership with Canada’s Cronos Group, California’s Humboldt County considers reopening its licensing process, and a judge tells Arkansas to stop issuing medical marijuana licenses. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Brave new world? Multistate cannabis giant MedMen’s collaboration with a […]

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Massachusetts’ recreational marijuana market offers opportunities, pitfalls aplenty

Massachusetts’ looming recreational marijuana market has the potential to be one of the most prosperous in the nation.

Under rules finalized this month, cannabis entrepreneurs face no license caps for an assortment of business categories, edibles and many other goods are permitted, and there are opportunities to build a brand.

But applicants seeking to set up shop when the Bay State’s adult-use industry opens this summer will face a gauntlet of requirements that have already derailed scores of aspiring medical marijuana businesses.

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Women fight ‘bro culture’ to make it in Canada’s marijuana sector

Jenna Valleriani, a Ph.D. and advocate for drug policy reform in the Canadian cannabis industry, recently compiled a list of women in marijuana that went viral on Twitter. The final tally: 40 names. As senior-level players from other industries – like investment and mining – enter the market armed with well-honed fundraising skills and leadership […]

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‘Nothing is going smoothly’ in California’s regulated marijuana market

It’s been almost three months since the official start of California’s recreational – and regulated medical – marijuana markets. So, how are things going? Depends on whom you ask. But the general consensus among business owners, advocates, regulators and elected officials is there’s still a mountain of uncertainty and troubles ahead before California’s cannabis market […]

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CBD limits loosening in states written off by marijuana reformers

Far from the bustling marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas and California, rural and politically conservative states with limited cannabis laws are loosening restrictions that once had marijuana entrepreneurs writing them off as infertile territory.

“Progress is being made in places you’d never have thought possible,” said Keith Stroup, founder of NORML.

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How marijuana entrepreneurs can outsmart black-market competitors

Whether you’re operating in a newly medical or recreational marijuana market, illicit cannabis sales are an ever-present threat to the legal industry.

Marijuana entrepreneurs can’t control how the black market operates, but there are ways to encourage customers to instead buy from a licensed, regulated business.

Put simply, it requires going above and beyond what black-market operators can offer by way of service and prod

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Unit of big pharmaceutical firm Novartis partners with medical marijuana producer Tilray

British Columbia-based medical marijuana producer Tilray announced Monday it has formed a strategic partnership with Sandoz Canada, the first known affiliation between a marijuana producer and a major pharmaceutical company. Tilray signed a letter of intent with the Quebec-based affiliate of Sandoz International GmbH, an arm of global health care giant Novartis. The entry of […]

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Chart: Hawaii medical cannabis patient count climbs 33% in 2017

Hawaii’s medical marijuana patient count continued to climb through 2017, as the program expanded its list of qualifying conditions and allowed dispensaries to finally open their doors. The MMJ patient count jumped 33% in 2017, but that growth was relatively even throughout the year. Month-over-month growth averaged 2%, consistent with data from previous years. The […]

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‘Virtually all’ alcohol firms eyeing cannabis: Q&A with ex-Coors exec & new Sundial CEO

Alcohol companies should be watching their backs. That’s the warning from Torsten Kuenzlen, a former executive for The Coca-Cola Co. and Molson Coors. In his opinion, legal cannabis has an obvious competitive advantage over alcohol products. “All alcohol is consumed only as a liquid. Cannabis meets more consumer needs and motivations in the way that it’s […]

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