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Distribution emerging as important cog in California’s marijuana supply chain

By John Schroyer A new niche sector within the larger marijuana industry is developing in California: independent distribution firms that don’t produce their own cannabis products. Such companies – which often act as inventory clearinghouses for existing dispensaries and other plant-touching businesses – are a relatively new phenomenon in California.

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Hot sauce and glue: Why marijuana and hemp’s intellectual property rights are getting hotter and stickier

By Kristen Nichols

A flurry of marijuana and hemp lawsuits are roiling the cannabis industry’s confusing intellectual property landscape, with trademark and trade-secret fights signaling big changes for the business.

The legal disputes – from Ohio to California – show that long-simmering tensions over intellectual property in the cannabis sector are growing as the industry matures.

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Maine’s recreational marijuana program faces long road, observers say

By Omar Sacirbey

Maine marijuana advocates expect Gov. Paul LePage to veto a recreational cannabis bill that’s laden with business opportunities.

But even if the bill’s proponents can muster enough support to override a veto, legalization advocates worry the Republican governor could find other ways to delay or undermine implementation.

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MJ Freeway’s issues mount with more outages, delayed seed-to-sale program

By Bart Schaneman MJ Freeway, one of the leading technology companies in the cannabis industry, continues to experience security and performance issues with its inventory tracking software. The company’s point-of-sale system failed multiple times over the past few days, forcing marijuana retailers nationwide to log transactions by hand or in some cases even close temporarily.

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