15 Unlicensed Dispensaries Targeted Near Seattle

Local officials in an unincorporated part of King County, just east of Seattle, are targeting 15 medical marijuana dispensaries that are deemed illegal because they don’t have state permits.

The businesses were sent letters last week ordering them to close down or face possible penalties, which could include civil forfeiture, product seizure or even criminal charges, according to the Enumclaw Courier-Herald.

King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg argued that the unlicensed businesses are “undermining Washington State’s new law” that rolls medical cannabis dispensaries into the same regulatory framework as rec shops.

“How local jurisdictions deal with this issue may well determine the success of the entire law,” Satterberg said.

Under the new law, signed by Gov. Jay Inslee in April, dispensaries and collective gardens are required to obtain state licenses by July 1 of next year, as well as meet various other state mandates.

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7 comments on “15 Unlicensed Dispensaries Targeted Near Seattle
  1. Tom Gallagher on

    So is Washingtons law that you must license as a recreational store in order to be compliant? That would mean that these MMJ centers need to re license as Recreational rather than they are rogue businesses

    If my assumptions above are correct, do local jurisdictions (county, municipal) have any say in the process?

    Perhaps the Washington laws should require every business to license as medical and then in communities that have approved general access to those over 21 a recreational license can be obtained.

    This requires two separate inventories of product and 2 sets of business records. The store owner would be able to tailor his inventory to the market and the state could maintain one regulatory scheme.

    Just an idea

  2. calicorock on

    Your reasoning makes too much sense for our Elmer Fudd politicians in Olympia. The simple truth is they’ve been the fact that MMJ dispensaries not having mmedical licence’s as bait against dispensaries for years knowing no such licence exists in Washington.

  3. Skyerydr on

    Is this what we voted for, I don’t think so. Since the State has started to do its own thing, and once again ignore the voter wishes, is it out of the question that a class action lawsuit needs to be filed.

  4. Tom Gallagher on

    When Colorado citizens approved Amendment 64 and legalized retail sales of marijuana the MED sat down with the amendment proponents and left the MMJ community sitting on the sideline. The crafted a second regulatory scheme for the same plant. Only government can be that obtuse.

    Since then the MED has realized how very counterproductive that was and has been moving in the direction of consolidating MMJ with Retail. Always mindful of the “We are not Colorado” mindset of elected officials does anyone have an idea who to approach to begin having those type of discussions?

    My reservations about approving retail; sales of marijuana were due to me seeing patients getting thrown under the bus. The MMP was more interested in total legalization and didn’t care.

    Stepping back and looking at the big picture you can see why their national efforts die in committee. Schedule 1 states “… no currently accepted medical use…” so in their rush for more they have constructed a wall. Dr Sanjay Gupta may have a TV show but that doesn’t help with clinical trials.

    Who in the Washington State Legislature is patient friendly? Preferably this is someone that has had an immediate family member that has found relief using MMJ. As in Colorado you regulators have identified people in the industry they are comfortable with so that avenue will be very difficult to go down without someone urging the regulators to listen to new voices.

    In the meantime people with this licensing problem need to start the application process. It shows a willingness to play by the rules and opens the door for “What exactly are the rules for MMJ? You seem to have thrown patients; very sick people with debilitating and life threatening conditions aside in pursuit of tax revenues. We know that can’t possibly be the case. The people of Washington State are far more compassionate than that. Unfortunately to the untrained observer that is exactly what it looks like.”

    Its politics and it shouldn’t be. Let me know if I can help

  5. Silverado on

    How sweet that the King County Prosecuting Attorney is watching out for state law and closing businesses that aid the sick. So in other words in King County at least, he’s the “bat” and the people who need and use the dispensaries are his “ball” and if you don’t stop he’s going to try for hitting a home run all on you when at best he’s in the Bush Leagues just like the Mariners who he’s emulating and really hits constant (greedy basturd) foul balls, especially to this crowd here.

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