20 people to watch in 2018

, 20 people to watch in 2018

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the January issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

The cannabis industry is poised for huge growth in 2018 thanks in part to the start of California’s new recreational marijuana market and the expected launch of Canada’s adult-use industry.

Combined, the two markets will generate billions of dollars in sales and create tens of thousands of business opportunities.

The changing business climate will lead to new challenges, struggles and, potentially, failures for companies and the individuals behind them.

As we hurtle into 2018, the editorial staff at Marijuana Business Magazine – which is published by Marijuana Business Daily – singled out 20 executives in the cannabis space who bear watching in the year ahead.

To be sure, there are scores of executives who could be included on this type of list.

It’s by no means comprehensive, nor is it meant to “rank” executives in any fashion.

Rather, it’s a sampling of some individuals from across the industry who we think are worth keeping an eye on for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Their company is planning or poised for significant expansion.
  • Their business is encountering fierce business or financial headwinds.
  • Their company is staking out a new path for the marijuana industry.
  • Their business is positioned to capitalize on the launch of a major new marijuana market.
  • The individual is positioned to influence key marijuana regulations and policy.

To read the case for each of our 20 People to Watch in 2018, click on their names below:

10 comments on “20 people to watch in 2018
  1. Richard Adler on

    For all the reasons listed, you are missing probably the most important person to watch this year: Jon Cooper of Ebbu. He is leading the company that will redefine what it means to have consistent and reliable effects from the cannabis plant.

  2. Jim Boynton, TTE on

    How could you POSSIBLY omit Kyle Castanon, CEO, Palomar Craft Cannabis…?
    A marketing whiz if ever there was…getting top returns on premium quality product.

  3. Josh Whitaker on

    C’mon everyone, it’s impossible for them to know everyone, and nearly impossible to rate them all on a mathematical scale as to who should make the top 20. I’m not even on the list and I qualify for all of the reasons listed above, except for the regulations and policy one…
    while also:

    -being an owner/investor of multiple cannabis businesses
    -recently had 2 interviews with publicly traded companies (and another one on Friday) with companies looking to acquire/invest in one of them
    -creating the cannabis industry’s only affiliate and influencer marketing channel 2 months ago
    -launching 2 brand new products within 2 weeks…

    I could go on, but it’s not necessary. The point is, don’t knock MJBiz for this. They couldn’t possibly know about all of the above unless I had a good PR person. 🙂

  4. Clifton Middleton on

    The Magic is out of the bag now and we will start to see some real consciousness, social consciousness on how the herb creates a Virtuous Economic Cycle everywhere he walks. The growing, producing and manufacturer of hemp based fuel, fiber, food, medicine and the most highly regarded recreation substance known to humanity is the Economic Revival of Direct Democracy. We can and will grow our own economic Destiny. We are the most effective JOBs program ever.
    The Marijuana Movement is the only viable political movement in Nation. We are the cutting edge of Direct Democracy and have overcome the Cops, the Religions, the Politicians and the Media with our Voices, Plebiscite.
    The Democrats ignored us and Hillary lost. We would have carried her but she refused to represent our righteous cause. Do not be afraid of the Leaf, it is the symbol of Individual Sovereignty …

  5. Brett Roper on

    Perhaps the list should be larger … and perhaps by gender as well as cannabis business focus or channel … innovation and value focused on dispensary, cultivation, extraction/production, real estate, investment, etc. More inclusive but more focused would engage a wider audience in my opinion?

  6. Ted Steven on

    Chris Leavy, lols.

    Check out some of his latest work, entitled “The Case for Merit-based Oligopoly in Cannabis.” In many words: “I have money! I deserve all the licenses and marketshare, because I have money!”

  7. Kyle Johnson on

    BudTrader is going to win the green rush as long as the hot head CEO stops trying to throw parties and focuses on building the company. They’ll probably acquire Massroots and once Weedmaps gets shut down , it’s over.

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